A Season of Fatigue

My wife and I have been running hard this past few years caring for aging parents, working at our jobs, supporting our kids, and helping each other through one challenge after another.  I’ve finally hit the wall.  I’m fatigued by life’s seemingly endless parade of difficulties and problems.   I’m running out of ambition, energy, focus, determination, and resilience.  I think it’s time for a season of rest and renewal.

I’ve come to a place where it feels like my sailboat is dead in the water– stopped in the great ocean of life with no breeze in sight.  I can hear the clanking of the halliard on the mast, the water lapping on the side of the hull, and the sound of the ocean surge moving my boat from side to side.  It’s a peaceful place–maybe I’ll stay here for a while and just enjoy the warmth of the sun.   Things to do, places to be, goals to accomplish, work to be done and all I feel like doing is sitting back and watching the light dance on the quiet waters of the ocean.  I’m sure the trade winds of life will return soon but for now I’m going to just enjoy this beautiful and serene place.

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