People Who Tailgate in the Carpool Lane

My wife and I use the carpool lane traveling to and from work most everyday.   It saves us about 25-30 minutes each way.  It’s not perfect but it really has shortened our commute–saving time and money.

There is only one problem–people who tailgate.  I REALLY don’t understand the logic of tailgating in the carpool lane. What are they trying to accomplish?  I can’t change lanes and let them pass because it is illegal to cross the double lines–this is only allowed every few miles so people can exit and enter. I suppose they just want me to go faster and close any gap in front of me.  For what purpose, to save one or two seconds?  These people really should do the math and realize that those few seconds are not worth the risk of traveling 70mph and leaving only a few feet of clearance between cars–particularly MY car.

When people tailgate me in normal traffic I simply move over and let them pass.   In the carpool lane I simply slow down.  The closer they are the slower I go.  This serves two purposes.  First it limits my risk by lowing both of our speeds.  Secondly, it sends a message.  Most of the time these people back off.  Sometimes they get angry and leave the car pool lane.  Either way the problem is resolved.

Have you ever experienced this?  What do you think?

3 Responses

  1. Just reach over and turn on your lights. It will appear that you have hit your brakes. The reaction can be quite interesting. Evil? Maybe!! :)

  2. My car has rear window wipers; I turn on the washer and start the wiper.

  3. Just happened to me. My wee kidlet looked back, got scared and started pressuring me to move. I didn’t want to move, but he was scared.

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