Overuse Of The Word “Grill” in Restaurant Names

Everyone is adding the word “grill” to their restaurant name.  It seems that “grills” are very trendy.   Here are a few examples in my neighborhood.

  1. Baja Fresh Mexican Grill
  2. Chipotle Mexican Grill
  3. Rascals Teriyaki Grill
  4. JTs Pacific Grill
  5. Trimana Grill
  6. BJ’s Pizza and Grill
  7. Spaghettini Rotessirie and Grill
  8. Tracy’s Bar and Grill
  9. Vints American Grill
  10. Panama Joes Grill and Cantina
  11. Gallaghers Pub and Grill
  12. Pete’s at the Beach Bar and Grill
  13. Jimmy’s Fish and Grill
  14. Marie Calendars Grill

So what’s up with the whole “grill” thing.  People have been grilling for years but now it seems trendy to have the word grill in a restaurant name.  Maybe it just sounds fresher and healthier — as compared with frying, baking, broiling, or broasting.  

The obvious restaurants that use grills are hamburger fast food chains like Carl’s Jr, Wendy’s, McDonalds, or Burger King but they don’t have the word grill in their name.  What’s up with that?

What makes a grill a grill?  Do they need to use charcoal or wood to have grill in their name?  Does it matter?  Are foods at a grill really healthier and lower in fat?  Are some grills cheating and really frying?

And what about the George Forman Grill?  It seems like it is really frying the meat, instead of grilling it –doesn’t it?   Maybe it’s George who started this grilling mania. 

It’s also really strange to see an Italian Restaurant with the word grill in their name–the word grill just seems out of place in this context.  That’s an obvious exploitation of the word grill in my book. 

I think price may ultimately determine if a restaurant is a “grill”.  If someone wants to charge more for cooked chicken, fish, or beef; they just need to add the word grill to the restaurant name and kazam, they are a unique, upscale, trendy restaurant that can charge a premium for the same old thing. 

Maybe I should open a restaurant and call it “The Jones Grill”.   What do you think about the whole grilling thing?

6 Responses

  1. I would come to a restaurant named “Jones Grill” simply because
    of the name Jones. Everyone knows that all things “Jones” are excellent. Why do you think everyone is always trying to “keep up with the Jones’?”

  2. The one that I find particularly dumb is “bar and grille”. The “grille” didn’t originally mean a device for cooking meat, but an actual grille that is used to protect part of the bar to prevent the punters from stealing the booze.

    So “bar and grille” actually means something like: we have a bar and it has a grille to prevent you theiving drunks from stealing the liquor. It somehow doesn’t sound that nice.

  3. Grill is spelt ‘Grill’. Why do people revert to old english and use ‘Grille’

    Arggghhh so annoying lol.. Great post Keep them coming



  4. spelt is spelled “spelled”

  5. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How lengthy have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The total glance of your website is wonderful, let alone the content!

  6. Despite the actual meaning of the word grill or grille, in cooking terms – it refers to a cooking device that has potential to prepare any number of food products. Perhaps that is the intention. A restaurant with use of grille in the name for foodie’s like myself refers to the diversity of the device itself and in return indicates the diversity of the restaurants menu options.

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