Drive-In Theatres

I went to a drive-in movie theatre on Friday night–yes, they still exist! This particular one was featured on Huell Howser’s California’s Gold show over a year ago (local PBS TV). 

It has been open since the 1950’s but was completely restored a few years ago with a tiki theme and modern technology (projection and sound).  The sound is broadcast via FM radio and it sounds great.  In terms of the picture, It’s still a bit difficult to see all the details in darker scenes but that’s just part of the drive-in experience.   

The name of the theatre is the Mission Tiki Drive-In.  If you live close by, you should check it out.  Apparently there are only 400 drive-in theatres remaining in the US today.  In the 1950’s, there were over 4000 of them–amazing!

Here are a few of the things that I enjoy about the drive in:

  • It’s fun to come early and have a picnic dinner before the movie starts.
  • It’s fun to bring chairs and sit outside on a warm evening.
  • It’s fun to visit the snack bar and eat popcorn in your car.
  • It’s fun to see a double feature for $7.
  • It’s fun to bring the whole family.
  • It’s fun to sit in the car and be able to talk without disturbing anyone.
  • It’s fun to snuggle up with someone you love!

Try googling “drive-in” and see if there is one near you.  If you have to travel a bit, it’s worth it.

2 Responses

  1. I vividly remember going to drive in movies with my parents when we lived in Florida … goodness, it must have been twenty years ago now. Thanks for sparking such great memories.

  2. Where are you? You haven’t written anything new in days. Your fans are waiting…!

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