Labor Unions and Dinosaurs

Labor unions and dinosaurs–both should be extinct!

I read an article yesterday about the AFL-CIO and their desire to “take aim” at John McCain. 

According to the FoxNews Article – “The AFL-CIO said Wednesday it will have union protesters follow GOP presidential nominee-in-waiting John McCain around the country to demand explanations on his positions on economic and labor issues.  The effort is part of a wide-ranging campaign aimed at linking McCain with what union officials call the Bush administration’s failed economic policies.”

The AFL-CIO is a very powerful organization representing 10 million workers and 54 labor unions.  The history of labor unions in America is interesting, worth reading about.  Anyway, it really got me thinking about the need for labor unions in 2008.  Do they still serve a purpose?  Are they good for America?  Are they good for business?  Are they really helping the worker?

Here’s what I think about Labor Unions .

  • Labor unions were created in the 19th century (1899) to protect children and workers from unfair labor practices that came as a result of the Industrial Revolution.  These conditions no longer exist today so there is no need for labor unions.  Labor laws and free enterprise protect workers now. 
  • Labor unions drive up the cost of products and take  jobs away from Americans.  US companies are looking elsewhere for labor they can afford.  
  • Labor unions inflate wages–not only for jobs within their unions, but for the entire job market.  American labor is the most expensive in the world and I believe that labor unions are the biggest cause.   
  • Labor unions have crippled American manufacturing which is slowly disappearing.  Many companies have relocated their manufacturing facilities outside of the US to save labor costs.  Ohio Art, makers of the “Etch-A-Sketch”, made a decision several years ago to do just that.
  • Labor unions are hurting the American car industry.  American car companies are having trouble competing with the Japanese.  Thanks to labor unions, American cars may soon be a thing of the past.
  • Labor unions are self serving–more interested in their own self preservation than the good of their members.
  • Labor unions create an adversarial relationship between labor and management.
  • Labor disputes hurt customers and the public (talk about biting the hand that feeds you).  Everyone looses when they strike.
  • Labor unions actually take away wages from workers.  Workers are forced to pay dues that lower their earnings.
  • Labor unions distort the truth through propaganda designed to stir up workers during strikes.  This makes things worse.
  • Labor unions cripple workers by making them dependent on the union for continued wage increases and benefits.  The labor union inflates the value of their jobs.   
  • Labor unions are bullies! They use old school tactics that rely mostly on fear and intimidation (see above article about John McCain).

In my opinion, labor unions need to go away.  They once served a purpose but that time has long since past.  They have turned into very powerful, self serving organizations that are hurting America and our ability to compete with the rest of the world.  Life would be better without unions–shop at Wal-Mart!  What do you think?

10 Responses

  1. Have you done any real research on the union or are these just opinions you drummed up?? You sound ridiculous.

    – Labor laws are still not enough to protect workers or ensure fair wages. If you don’t believe it get a job in a state that is “right to work”. Labor camps still exist in places like Florida where Americans are treated like modern day slaves. Ever read “The Grapes o Wrath”? That stuff still goes on. Look it up.

    – The union has fought more than anyone to keep more jobs in the US. Does Nafta ring a bell? In fact, keeping jobs in the US is one of their top priorities. Ca you cite examples of where the union has said the opposite?

    – manufactiring has disappeared because of companies moving them out of the US NOT because of the union fighting for fair wages. Look up outsourcing. It has nothing to do with the union.

    – labor unions, at ther core, serve to protect their members. you would know this if you ever worked as a member or did your homework.

    – the union OPENS communication with management. That’s what negotiations are for. Without them the company can do whatever they want without worker involvement.

    – “Labor unions actually take away wages from workers. ” <— Huh? Makes absolutely NO sense. Based on what?? Where are you getting your information?

    – “Labor unions distort the truth through propaganda designed to stir up workers during strikes.” <— Do you have examples of so-called propaganda??

    – Wal-Mart? Is that a joke?? In fact, is this whole blog post a joke? You have a lot of opinions about the union but no basis for factual information other that fox “news”.

    You obviously have never had to work at a job where a union was needed. You have no clue what you’re talking about regarding the union or afl-cio. Get some facts and do some real research before you make such outlandish accusations. You sound foolish.

    Unfortunately for you, California is a very strong union state. The afl-cio isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe you should move to a non-union state where workers are at the mercy of their respective companies. You can get a low-paying job with no benefits and work there like a slave until the company moves to China because they feel that minimum wage is too much to pay you.


  2. It’s true that unions are not angelic.

    Yet, I think your post displays a very simplistic view of the interaction between unions and management.

    For starters, you seem to want to put all burden of things that go wrong (e.g. the troubles of American carmakers) on the unions.

    For example, the problem with outsourcing is one of legislation. People like John McCain support “lawless” free trade agreements, where a country like the US can make little to no demands about the circumstances of production.

    Also, pointing at the union in a labour dispute is one-sided. Every fight has two sides. Management could just as well not be so stubborn as the unions. Customers get hurt? Management should know better than to have let the conflict get out of hand. Good managers can work *with* the unions and always find a good middle ground between the interests of workers, customers and shareholders.

    “In my opinion, labor unions need to go away.”
    In my opinion, water should flow upstream. The labour unions are here to stay, management better should learn to deal.

    [/2 cts.]


    • U are a dumbshit…….I was required to attend an accredited college and earn credit along with attending trade school for 5 years with 10,000 hrs of ojt. This is how it is for most of the people I work with in all trades dumbass. After attending college & trade school and working all over the world I can clearly see how and uneducated f*** face like you can make a comment like this. Go out and work for an union and see how youre lifestyle improves. If you cant get in email me and I will hook you up with an organizer. This is not easy. You will need to attend college, earn a degree and complete an apprenticeship.

  4. Ive worked Union all my life,try putting up powerlines at a non-union contractor. When you get killed because you work with someone that doesnt have a clue what they are doing I guess thats ok. You will be replaced with a ditch digger ,now a utility lineman the next day. Im proud to work with someone that has a clue of what to do.Lazy would be someone that isnt for the working man just a pointer and yes man. Im Union and proud of it,im not scared to speak my mind. If your non-union go ahead speak your mind and you will be finding yourself another job really quick. If you want to live better and work with skilled workers work Union. I can quit my Union job and be working the next day,cause I pay my union dues.

  5. And John you must be in management you probably works for Walmart

  6. the union only makes it easy for lazy, no good, no ambition, jerks to keep a job some poor, underpaid, father of 4 with no education would give his l;eft arm to have. You also spend more time crying about having to actually do your job than you would spend doing it! I belive the union is the lazy man’s best friend because most of the union members I have dealt with couldn’t hold a job at McDonald’s! Get out! Go to France where you will be appreciated for being worthless!

  7. I was in a union once. It used to piss me off that I was getting paid less than half of what the guys with a lot of seniority got when I was way more productive than them. (performance was tracked electronically and anyone could look up anyone elses stats). But that is the way union wages work. You get raises for seniority, not performance. Unions are a great deal for you if you are below average. I wasn’t in the union long. I got promoted into management so at least the hard work paid off.

    For the guy who says that unions do more than anyone to keep jobs in the U.S: I am sure it is not the Union’s intention to eliminate American jobs but they are infact doing that. While it is true that they try to protect American jobs by isolating America from global free trade at the American consumer’s expense. They are killing American manufacturing by pushing up the price of labor and making the American laborer less competitive in the global labor market.

  8. Your politics are so flimsy that i’m going to beat you with your own politics to give you half a chance. Surely in a truly free market don’t bad employers create the demand for unions? Therefore any anti-union laws are a distortion of the free market by government interference.

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