Why Don’t Psychics Win The Lottery?

Being able to tell the future and predict events should give all Psychics the ability to become rich beyond their wildest dreams.  So why aren’t they? 

They should be able to win the lottery, predict stock market gains and losses, predict business trends, and win in Vegas–big time.  With this knowledge, they should be able to run circles around experienced financial advisers. Businesses, governments, world leaders and others should be willing to pay them enormous amounts of money for their predictions.  Imagine what power could be gained from knowing the future. 

Just think what good they could do for humanity, warning the world about natural disasters in advance.  To bad they didn’t forsee hurricane Katrina or the Tsunami in Thailand.  Also, I wonder why no one said anything in advance of the terrorist attacks on 911?  Maybe their powers only work while reading palms or looking at tarot cards. 

Instead of being hugely successful, they have these small little businesses (many by the beach) that depend on normal people paying them for their predictions.  After some research, I found that they typically charge $20 for 15-45 minutes of time.  I’ve also seen some Psychics on TV offering phone services (Ask Cleo).  By the way, I wonder why so many TV Psychics are Jamaican? 

Is this worthy compensation for their amazing powers?  Why would a Psychic give away this valuable information for only $20 when they could be charging millions?  Why do many of them operate out of homes and other low profile business establishments?  They do this because THEY HAVE NO REAL POWER AND ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF SUPERSTITIOUS, TRUSTING PEOPLE.  SHAME ON THEM!!!!  Some may actually believe that they have special powers, but most are charlatans, on the same par with people selling snake oil and miraculous weight loss formulas.  What do you think?

(P.S.  There is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy either!)

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  1. Well, I guess that we only had one Nostradamus, but this doesn’t mean that psychics have no power. Psychics, I believe have the power to read minds, not foresee events or lottery numbers.



    • Do you always put limits on supernatural things? If someone can read the secrets of another that would also give them LOT AND LOTS of money. I would place an idiot curse on you but it wouldn’t be noticed.

  2. I have often wondered this myself. And why they have to advertise and hang signs up touting their powers. If they’re psychic, why don’t they already know who is and isn’t going to patronize a psychic? Why can’t they just go straight to the people they know WILL?

  3. I believe that those with sincere abilities choose to use their ability to help others, such as those who assist police. A lot of them don’t necessarily see a clear picture, rather they get flashes of insight or visions that help them provide guidance.

    As for those that charge….I don’t trust them. It’s all entertainment value stuff. “Come pay me $20 to have me tell you what you want to hear.”

  4. I am heavily involved in the psychic field and i can tell you that to date no one has ever won the lottery because no real psychic knows how to do this and there are only a very few people who are real psychics. I worked with the russians long time ago and we learned how to induce dreams in others. Any kind of dream we wanted. One time when George Bush (not junior) was at dinner with the Japanese we tried to make him vomit so he would loose face infront of the Japanese . We tested this in our laboratory and of 3 out of 10 attempts we succeded but with George Bush it failed to work so we gave it up and came to the conculsion that our laboratory tests were mere coincedences.

    The CIA somehow found out about me and my history, the called me in gave me a job an they provided me with heavy experiments of which we all failed to accomplish. These guys were nuts i can tell you. Somehow they got the idea that they were bieng spied on by russain psychics. Our head of the project eventually ended up in mental institution. He was in for treatment in 8 months.

    Psychic power does exist in some extent but it does mean you can do anything using psychic powers. Some things are just not possible. However some still believe there must be some way by using psychic powers to obtain lottery numbers. We experimented with people suffering from Schizofrenia, the ones we experimented with who we foud useful for obtaining information were those who heared voices. To our suprise some of these people heared things about the future. They heared things before it occured. And these people were hallucinating and they had no knowledge of the psychic what so ever. How could this be? Well, we are still doing experiments and research on this. You might have heared about remote viewing and i can tell you that every information about remote viewing is just crap. It doesn’t work and such thing has no place in our reality. But deataching from your physical and travel only using your non physical body is real and i am doing all the time. Also there is no information about this subject avaible to anyone. There are howeever fake guides and books of the subject but n o of them realy work, they only wrote those books for making money. One of these is Robert Monroe. He has made millions. Those who do it, keep it for themsleves mostly. And there are some reasons for this. The most dangerous one is if an accident happens on the none physical plane which will cause the cord attached to the physical body to break and the physical body dies. You can never return to the physical body when this happens. Others are those if people realy know what you are up to they will cosider you something Satanic or just fear you. And will cause you problems and not to mention the possibilty of someone killing you. You might already know that long time ago they burned people who were cosidered witches.

    Believe it or not we have done experments in over 12 years now, sometimes days and nights to obtain lottery numbers and we laways get one number right. If we can get one number, this opens the possibilty for getting all the six numbers. Our experiments are only focused on six number combinations. We started the experiments with 21 people. And now we are only 2. Because the rest just gave up. We didn’t pay these people to be on our experimets. They were able to do things of the psychic. Mostly things whcich were unuseful to us and for themselves. We do psychic work on occasions for people but we never charge anyone any money for what we do. Mostly we induce thoughts and feelings in others and doing dream therapy. On the long run we can remove nightmares for a long while for sure but we are not so sure when it comes to permanent removal. If any psychic charges you for their serveice then i can guarantee you they only want your money and can not do anything for you. Never ever pay someone who claims to be psychic. You only get screwed. Sylvia Brown had made millions for ripping off people who believe in her psychic powers.

  5. I am highly suspicious that the lottery is fixed for winners in certain areas that are almost entirely exclusively white.I have stopped counting as to the places but you are sure that Londoners wont win the big amounts.

  6. You know, it’s an interesting thing, being a psychic myself I can explain this with ease. We are only allowed to see certain things, also if we saw 911, the tsunami, and all the other disasters, someone would have been warned and it would disturb the natural cycle of life. This is totally off limits for us. I don’t have to win the lottery, because I can see the future in my own life and know which direction to not, or go in. It makes life very simple and interesting at the same time, and everyone who continues to come to us knows this as well….

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