Differences Between Men and Women

This is what a control panel might look like for men and women (if there was such a thing).  If you notice, the top panel (men) has only one switch; on and off.  The bottom panel (women) has a variety of dials, knobs, and other controls.  It looks more complicated.

This is a visual illustration of the differences between men and women.  According to this example, men are very simple and women are much more complex.  

Although It makes me laugh, I think that men are more complicated than this picture represents.  Women who buy into this view need to re-think their understanding of men.  If a woman treats her man like he only has one switch, that may be all she ever gets from him.  I think that love is taking the time to figure it all out.  What do you think?

5 Responses

  1. I’d like to add — for women OR men who will take the time to figure it out, it is soooooo worth it!

  2. Personally, I like fiddling with the dials and knobs etc. Stimulating.
    Sometimes we (guys) get it wrong and have to hit the reset button.

    As for my .. controls, I have an on/off switch, a temperature control and a light bulb that appears over my head when I get an idea. I also come with rechargeable batteries.

  3. I find it interesting ((smirk)) that you would say this:

    Women who buy into this view need to re-think their understanding of men.

    …When MEN are the ones who perpetuate this simplistic view on differences between the sexes.

    And-it’s also interesting (((smirk)) that you would advise ((smirk)) WOMEN rather than BOTH PARTIES re/ the pursuit of relationship building.

  4. dude your “smirk” thing is lame

    here’s my 2 dollar;

    it’s a joke, it’s meant to be funny.

    everyone knows real life is more complicated than stereotyping, jokes and basic humor

    but it just so happens that a few people (including whoever made this ‘device’) find it funny because this is the output of their general experience with the opposite sex. this is a relative truth for them in thus can relate to this picture,

    the ones who can’t relate; don’t look at it.

  5. […] this image here and thought it interesting. Whether, I completely agree? I don’t think so. Men are more […]

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