People Who Don’t Want to Work

I don’t understand able bodied people who do not want to work.  Not long ago, I was approached by two men in a parking lot who “needed some gas money“.  They both looked healthy enough to work but instead were begging for change from people buying groceries for their families.  “Why can’t they work?”, I thought to myself as I walked to the car.

How many times have you seen people standing at the bottom of a freeway ramp begging for money?  They can stand up all day and hold a sign, but are unable to work.  What’s wrong with this picture?

I wake up every morning and go to the same job, at the same place, dealing with the same issues.  It gets old and there are days when I’d rather just stay home.  Doesn’t everyone feel this way at times?  The reality is that work is part of being an adult and living in society–we all need to be productive.  Why is it that some people think that they should be able to live a comfortable life without working?

As adults, we all get to make choices and live with the consequences.  Some people decide not to work and then try to escape the consequences by looking to others for support!  They do this by asking  for money at the supermarket, applying for government welfare programs, or just living off the generosity of others.

When people don’t work, they are not contributing to society.  This puts a burden on responsible working adults who end up paying for them in the long run.  These people are living off the labor of others.  I recently discovered a blog where someone was asking for “milk and diaper money“.  They even had a link to Pay-Pal on their site.  Well meaning people are giving them money–too bad.

I can think of other troubling situations like husbands who make their wives support them or wives who stay home and play when their husbands are slaving away (although this doesn’t affect me unless they are applying for welfare).  I also am troubled by people who depend on frivolous law suits, bogus insurance claims, or other scams for their income.  These people put a lot of energy into figuring out how to not work.  Wouldn’t it just be better if they put that same energy into finding a job and keeping it?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in being charitable–in fact, we all have a responsibility to help others in need.  It feels good to help a family that is really struggling, or someone with health issues, or the elderly, etc.  Sometimes people just end up in difficult circumstances and need help–I completely understand this.

With all of that said, I believe that we are actually doing harm by helping those who choose not to work.  We are enabling them, the same way we are enabling an alcoholic or a drug user.  I’m not talking about homeless people, those who are disabled, the elderly, or special needs people.  I’m talking about normal people who are lazy and just don’t want to work.  These are able bodied people who want others to pay their way and are very good at figuring out ways to work the system.  If these people don’t want to work, they should have to live with the consequences.  Hunger can be a great motivator!  What do you think?

UPDATE: 8/09/10Woman Faked Cancer, Bilked Supporters for Thousand of Dollars – Another example of someone who REALLY did not want to work.

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  1. ….. We all need to be productive……..
    Apparently you are unaware of the concept of “capital gains”. You should read more Adam Smith, Mr. Capitalist.

    … They also do this by using free emergency room medical services instead of having a job that provides medical insurance…..
    Maybe it shouldn’t cost 2,000 dollars and a five hour wait to recieve eight stiches. But being a Capitalist, I’m quite sure your unwilling to question the workings of a Government-Regulated Cartel… I mean the Free Market. Yes, that’s what it is. Any ex-Iraq combat medic can open up his own business and earn +100,000 dollars a year providing a valuable service to his community. For the 1 day before the police break down his door. Ah… the Free Market At Work.

    …..Or how about people who depend on frivolous law suits or bogus workers comp claims for their income?….
    Like those fishermen who sued Exon because the Valdez killed all the fish that they harvested. Thus rendering their boats, training, and licenses completely valueless. Can you imagine the shear, utter evil required to steal money from helpless billionaires just because they completely destroyed your livelyhood? Thank the United States Government that these two-bit thieves were stopped for more than a decade from collecting on their non-existent damages. Thieves. Cheats. And as for you. Justice will accept only a pound of flesh, no more, no less, no cartilage, no bone, only flesh.

    • Brilliant response, my friend. This article is horribly unsubstantiated, uneducated, and quite simply offensive.

    • You should sign up to be a hater on my page lol
      staying in a halfway house now, working part-time and the dudes ripping me off and paying me half what is owed. 4$ an hour anyone?

      Yay maybe I can buy smokes now!

      Seriously though I’d say 60% – 75% of the people staying their are working, and the other 40% get enough work every now and then to pay rent-which means it’s almost impossible to get out of there.

      You don’t have an ID you sleep in the street. It’s that simple – hope you don’t lose your wallet?

      LETS FACE IT people don’t donate crap to the guy sitting under the bridge. You can be there for hours in some cities and get maybe five bucks. I’ve been on the other side and for some reason our bodies naturally react negatively and uncomfortably when we are around beggars or people that need money. I’ve never really begged just because of that hummilliatting feeling.

      And for those of you that employ poor people for even small jobs like advertising signs and dish washing and constructing you are AWESOME!

      anyway it was very objective and a great response from people, shows you actually care – just by acknowleging.

    • AWESOME reply!
      Wow amzing, couldn’t have said it better myself!
      This article is ignorant at best and malicious and propagandistic at worst !

  2. What an odd blog posting. It seems to assume a lot about the people holding signs or asking for change in a supermarket in order to buy gas. It assumes a lot about their preferences, their backgrounds, and their willingness to humiliate and debase themselves for a couple of bucks in order to avoid work.

    You might find it interesting to talk to some of the people you’re writing about. Find out their stories. I don’t mean preach to them–I mean just listen. They may have something interesting to say.

    • I have talked to them. I own a company and have offered some of them work. Most walk away…. truth hurts huh.

      • Maybe, just maybe if the employers didn’t humiliate and debase the employees people would have more of a reason to want to work. Why apply for jobs when you are strung along forever and not get hired. Then once hired assume to justify your own existence when it wasn’t you who created the job, they did. Just maybe, the work place isn’t for everyone. It’s easy to sit on your high-horse about how noble it is that you go into an office everyday because you are asleep at work most of the time and don’t even realize how poorly you are being mistreated. You give and give and give to these employers and get nothing in return, only to be tossed out the door the first chance they get. You don’t get promoted because you weren’t enough of a corporate lifeless drone. Being expected to come in with a smile on your face and repeat the company line to everyone giving up your very soul in the process. The judgmental tone of this article is sick. You paint people with a wide brush, not really knowing their situation. You think sitting out front of begging for money is any less humiliating than being forced to answer the phone at work each day, “Hi. It’s a great day at 7-11, can I help you?”.

    • First off, you do not have the right to judge anyone. Only one can and has that right–I believe that to be God. We are human and were made to be imperfect.
      Nobody knows his, her or my story, and I do not think I need to explain my life experiences to ignorance, nor to your arrogance which is quite obvious in what this blog entails. Ask yourself this. If people had been given different opportunities, choices, positive role models, and guidance since birth, do you think they would have taken a different path in life? Do you think people enjoy living the first stage Erik Ericson wrote of which is being able to provide the basic necessities for themselves and their families, thus creating every day stressors inducing anxiety? Or if they had been given different opportunities, would they want to move further up in the five stages Erickson wrote about, giving them purpose, respect, and grasping the ” American Dream “? Judge yourself, and maybe you will see that you should find a way to help the ones you so harshly judge-waste your time elsewhere, or educate yourself on nature vs. nurture, abuse, neglect, abandonment, etc. I have wasted enough of my time commenting on such an ignorant post! And for those of you who are struggling, ” this too shall pass”.

  3. I find the two replies far more odd than the blog posting. Jones makes valid assumptions about freeloaders – and as he illustrated, you can find them in all walks of life – without saying anything about those truly in need. I guess you two need that proviso in there to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Just thirty minutes ago, our company president told me how he waited five hours in the emergency room to tend to a broken finger. He waited there due to all the people (without medical insurance) sponging off the system to get assorted coughs or flus looked at. WTF? What a joke!

    Alcoholics can be very persuasive, interesting people to listen to. #2 here sounds like a routine donor/enabler. On the other hand, the blog is perhaps more tongue-in-cheek, in that Jones points out how easily these folks show up to the same corner each day, yet won’t get a real job. Ah, crap, they’ll lose their welfare, that’s why. I forgot.

    • there are a lot of hard working people who don’t have and can’t afford health insurance. very few jobs offer health insurance these days, and there are very few jobs available even without insurance in case you haven’t heard the news lately.

      • Funny, I work with hundreds of people that are currently receiving Medicaid & TANF benefits. These folks, on a regular basis, go to the emrgency room for things like a small cough or a sinus infection. All so they dont have to wait a few days to get into their doctor! How much money do you think this costs the average tax payer???

  4. I really doubt there are a lot of people who simply “don’t want to work and are lazy.” More likely, those people are frozen out of the economy for some reason.

    Maybe those people with the signs are ex-cons, and can’t get hired, drug addicts, retarded, have mental health problems – how do you know? Maybe they’re just unemployed and have kids to feed. Maybe at night they go home and apply for jobs.

    I think you are the sort of person who has never suffered an adverse circumstance. You should be talking about how grateful you are for your lucky life instead of ranting about things that – in reality – are of little consequence.

    Here’s a checklist:

    Parents married?

    Did you go to college?

    Did you have to pay for college?

    Do you suffer from some kind of mental problem?

    It’s called gratitude you entitled doofus. G R A T I T U D E.

    • I dont think your comment will eve be understood, much less accepted, by the Original Poster, but I do understand what you are saying. Some people who are seen begging on the streets cant get a job because they would lose all medical benefits they need to keep them alive. In short, 99% or more of people dont realize that the government programs that are suppposed to help people, are only available to about .000001% of the population. The rest are left to fend for themselves, and thats why you see them out begging. Get Over Yourselves, Average People!

  5. To the last person who commented:
    Looks like I may have struck a nerve … are you working? hmmm.

  6. This is the problem with society. We judge and feel we are above. It starts off in elementary school with whose got what brand named shoes; moves to high school with what car your dad got ya; then going to a good university were people feel the need to look down on others who don’t attend there. All the little while, we forget those who were isolated and ridiculed and we just wish them luck. We don’t know if they’re depressed, we’re raised poorly or most importantly have conditioned themselves that they can’t interact with the rest of society. So before you go calling yourself the ultimate working man, did you play a part in isolating people?

  7. I have been an unemployed / underemployed person most of my life and assure you that It is not because I am a lazy or shiftless individual. In fact, I have been highly successful with the things that are / were important to me; and regular full time employment isn’t.

    Self expression is…. And yet, I do not live off the system. I support myself, however modestly by american standards while pursuing life’s deeper meanings.

    Does this make me a bum?

    • I really enjoyed your response. Frankly, I’m wondering if my problem is just laziness or total disinterest in convention.

      I’ve been working since I was fourteen. I’m twentysomething. Still working, and I agree with Jones that any ablebodied individual SHOULD work.. at the very least, he/she SHOULD support him/herself if possible.

      Of course, we can’t ignore the factors that either help or hurt individuals and groups of people as we all try to “make it” in society. Some factors are supremacist attitudes, economic systems, etc..

      My issues with work have more to do with the drudgery I PERSONALLY feel slaving some odd hours each day at tasks I don’t want to do to earn enough to acquire more than I really need to live comfortably. Thats really my battle. Not working, necessarily. But discovering my “passion” and enjoying it in such a way that I can support myself doing it.

      You seem to be saying that you’re doing the same thing. Determining for yourself what will constitute comfortable living and living accordingly. Good for you..

      • I am a fit and healthy engineer, who earns a relatively high wage in comparison to many.

        I dont want to work.
        I hate work.
        Not the people, not the job, just because I have to do it.

        I dont like that people are forced to get out their beds in the morning to keep capitalism ticking over. The system has done nothing but bring misery to the poor and wealth to the upper classes.

        It is a system based on greed, money and inequality.
        Why would I be happy working fo such a scare-mongering dictatorship.

        I agree that there are many healthy people out there who dont work. So what! Capitalism doesnt care. The tax payers will continue to pay for alot more than just benefits for the poor and Ronaldo will still get £80m.

        There is no justice in a Capitalist system, there is not meant to be, it was not created for that reason.

        It uses its people for profit.

        Capitalism thrives on the poor, it needs them to survive. If everyone was rich and had more time on their hands, we could create a better system for ourselves, having more time to be proactive
        and having less negativity towards change.

        To finish.. People are so wrapped up in their own problems; mortgages, bills, material possessions etc, that they do not have time to see the bigger issue.

        Just what Capitalism intended.

      • To Francine the engineer – I’m in your boat. Very true. Thank you for sharing.

    • Only if you apply for state welfare benefits & sit on your ass collecting them OR apply for SSI disability with no real cause to obtain it. Then you would be a bum!

  8. WOW and I thought I was a liberal.

    A lot of these commenter’s are way over the top.

    Geosource – “In fact, I have been highly successful with the things that are / were important to me; and regular full time employment isn’t.” – apparently you haven’t been underemployed, sounds like you are lazy. It is called work you do have to put some thought and effort into it. If you don’t show effort how do you expect to be employed at the level you think you should.

  9. Some people don’t want to work because the don’t feel that it’s worth the effort. They might not see life the same way you do. Think about it this way – work for many people is just getting up in the morning to go to a job to earn enough money to pay your bills so that you’ve got a place to sleep so that you can get up in the morning and go to work so you can earn enough money to pay your bills… It’s a never ending cycle and not everyone believes it’s rewarding enough to participate in. Why work just so you can pay your bills and work some more? What the hell is the point? Is that what life really is? If so, why not just shoot yourself? Many people find ways to insert meaning into the mix (family, friends, vacations, hobbies,etc.) but not everyone can bring enough happiness into their life to justify the monotonous grind that working life is for so many. When people say they don’t want to work, they are basically telling you that they don’t think ‘ordinary’ life is worth the bother and effort. Such people would rather just drop out and live off of handouts than put forth the effort to sustain a lifestyle they don’t enjoy or find value in. If you’re going to be unhappy, why bother working hard at it? That’s the basic logic. I’m not sure if you can understand it, though.

    • Hi Jolio

      I understand your concern so as per your ideology i should leave my job and live on benefits wat the heck the entire country too should think like u no one should work so after u recieve ur beneifit money u go to mall to buy something but i forgot everyone in malls are not working as they r on benifits but wtf i dont see any products on display yeah i forgot lorry drivers are also on benifits so no one bought any product to mall , I goto postoffice no ones there as they are also on benifits

      So Jolio i think u would need to get the supplies from a village farm u need to drive a large distance to get your supplies but nothin is there in the farm so you plant the seeds grow ur crop wait for them to ripe and then bring them home , But i forgot even after the benifit money ur working how did that happen so please get ur lame ass off the floor and goto

      Its very selfish of u to live on other hard earned money as taxes.

    • Yeah, It is unfortunate years ago I saw the absurdity of the cycle of work and life itself. I tried to do myself in and all I received in the end after the STATE saved me was a bill from the hospital for $5000. It is sad fact of life

    • If nobody works then who is paying the bills? and how do you afford to be on the internet? who is paying for that privilege? Is somebody giving away free money? Who is this person? but promise me I do not have to live dirt poor to get this free money……

      • The banks print money out of thin air. Why not print enough so everyone sees how stupid it is and get on with our lives.

    • Jolio,

      Thank you for your profound wisdom and insight into why everyone does not work. (full time anyway) Everyone does not hold the same values in life, that is what is the purpose of life–while some of us definitely believe in the law of diminishing returns as it applies to making an effort of any kind–including employment outside of self employment as it were–which is essentially where I was coming from. This certainly includes dedicating one’s life to regular full time employment for personal gain the conventional sense–from which there are limited benefits in terms of how it actually improves the quality of life.


    • You hit the nail on the head in your explanation. That’s exactly it.

  10. Just because people are physically well doesn’t mean they are mentally well. For some people, adjustment to the system feels like a form of death. For me, unless my work is meaningful, I feel my life-blood is being stolen from me, I feel 9 to 5 work is a profound intrusion into my psyche and when I have had to do it I become cllinically depressed, I even begin to drink too much because when I drink I can blank off how much I hate it. Fortunately I am well-educated and have managed to find ways to work outside of this framework – part-time in flexible companies, freelance etc. But I am advantaged in having this education and skills. Who knows, if I didn’t I could be one of the people you speak of. You should thank your lucky stars your mental make-up is such that you can assimilate into the system without getting clinical depression. But are you really so happy in your 9 to 5? Perhaps if you were you would have more meaningful things to do with your time then write this blog.

    • I am dealing with this now. I am a really unhappy person and I realize that I simply don’t have any interpersonal skills and don’t so well taking orders. I font get along with people and am naturally rebellious. This makes me fairly unemployable and scared to death for my future. I have a BA and up til now have been able to support myself but I am headed toward a breakdown with zero support. I get it. I resent people who get handouts because I was brought up to work, but now in my forties am having crises and there seems to be no job I can hold down.

  11. Personally I would much rather die than work.

    • Me too work is for suckers, I’ll trade u daily freedom for ur crappy job would u like that?

  12. “Personally I would much rather die than work.”
    Good for you Rory- just don’t ask for any handouts from me.

    Kudos Jones on starting this thread- and to all of you bohemians who want to play all day- seriously… more power to you, but don’t ask me for money. I get my butt out of bed every morning to earn my living… If you want something from me then give me something in return- paint a picture, whatever… just don’t give me a dirty look if I turn down your request for my hard-earned cash!

    • Joker I liked yours the best. I go back and forth on this whole debate. I think everyone has something to give and a barter basis is best. I joined a barter network and you can live almost for free, when you find things to barter. If you need a mechanic, trade a painting, you get barter dollars. 100s of business are in it. Trade a massage for renting a tux, have an old couch barter it, find one in the street, barter it. you will need less to live on and best of all, lets say you barter for a 100 dollar gift certificate for a restaurant sell it on ebay, now you have cash to pay rent, etc. Think outside the box, my story bought a house in NY and doubled the value in three years sold and moved to TN, sold it, bought a house for cash in TN, get 925.00 rent live off of that, cut coupons from free papers that our thrown in driveways, we have something like a pennysaver and neighbors give them free to me, buy groceries close to free using coupons, resell the groceries to over 50 houses. My prices are cheaper than stores, make .50 to 1.00 or so per item. I work three hours can make 120 in three hours maybe 70.00 after cost, sit on my but all week. I only work friday, saturday, sunday. I enjoy my kids all week and live in the cheapest part of the country. want to learn more email There is always a way to live cheap, and work less.

      • THATS motivating. A truly lazy person would read all that and say “nah.. too much work.” Bartering is fair.. and biblical, I think (if that matters to anyone lol). Everybody walks away with something… great post.

      • sounds like a great life – you must help lots of people “sitting on your but all week” (that’s butt).

  13. I would LOVE to have a job and not be begging but 3 of my past 7 jobs were sent overseas, 3 were lost due to a reduction in force, and one company was eliminated when it was bought out in a sale that would have been illegal in the 90’s. I’ve applies everywhere that is hiring for anything–even the local grocery store– but I’m over qualified because of my MBAs. They also make it really hard to get into a shelter because I am employable. I was a firm believer in free market capitalism before all of this, now I see that regulation is a necessary evil. I pray everyday that intrest rates will go up, the rich will be taxed, and the monopolies will be broken up so there will be some hope left for those of us in the bottom 99% of the world. Just for you, I will display my resume the next time I’m sitting outside a store begging for food.

    • Hang in there Love! I am trying to do the same. Lost both of my last 2 jobs due to jobs re-location and the recession. I am currently feeling the effects of long-term unemployment and boy do I hate it! Unemployment benefits will be gone in 2 month. 3 kids to feed and a mortgage. Never planned for the recession and losing my job to no fault of my own. I am optimistic as I continue job search efforts every day 40-60 hours per week. Job search is a full time job and I have become a professional job seeker:) No pay, but it has taught me some things. With long hours and hard work, some reward will be gained. I do have an interview for the State that I reside within for a Corrections Officer opportunity. Much different from my last 12 years of professional experience:)

  14. Dear Love To: Look on the bright side, you still have an internet connection and can write well. Good luck and don’t give up!!!!

    Mr. Jones

  15. Try to get people to stop buying cheap junk made overseas from the big box retailers then… Do something to keep jobs in this country. And anyway, it’s not your resume I would want to see… It doesn’t matter where you’ve been. Just do something for the money- even the guy who wants to wash my window with a dirty rag has at least taken some initiative. I actually praise public service programs that help people to get back on their feet in hard times, but don’t have much respect for someone who does nothing to improve their situation… Collect bottles from garbage cans. Lobby to help keep jobs here in the US… do something.

    • I tried collecting bottles and cans last summer. Summer weather seems to be more conducive to “canning” than cold and wet winter. Most days only yielded a very small amount of cans and bottles. My best spots were ball parks the morning after a game. I did a couple hours per day for about 3 weeks. In this time, i stunk up my car and storage locker with beer cans, used up my gas and exhausted myself crushing cans and removing caps from plastic bottles. When I brought my loot to the recycle center, I filled 2 barrels with crushed cans, 5 barrels with plastic bottles and 1 barrel with glass barrels (i gave up on glass early on because it was too cumbersome and heavy). I waited in line at the recycle center for 20 minutes and when he weighed it all up he paid me $29.00. My point is you can’t live on “canning”. It is ok if you just need enough cash to buy a 40-ouncer, but its not away to make a living.

  16. I had to laugh… hysterically. I have been trying to hire 4 people for 2 months. Sometimes they tell me “I ‘m not interested” on the same day they send in their resume. Sometimes they accept the job, then don’t bother to show up or call. Then there is the wonderful lady who worked for three days and then texted me to tell me she couldn’t work becuase her family needed her.

    For those of you with MBA’s willing to do “anything” to get a job, perhaps you shouln’t list your MBA’s on your application when applying for a cashier job at the local 5 and 10. I know it was hard earned, but really, why would I expect sometime to be satisfied to work for me as an appointment setter when they have multiple MBA degrees?????

    For the record, I don’t want to work either. However, I sure like to eat and my family enjoys the occasional movie or night out to eat. Call me old fashioned, but I am a firm believer in “Those who do not work shall not eat.”

    A Texas Mom

    • Ditto, I totally agree with you from another Texas MOM. There are days where we all want to stay home but work is a necessity to survive. Hard work encourages and builds strong character.

  17. well think of this some people look and look and dont find jobs what then do you want them to do . how many times people go on long bus and train rides seeking work then go on interviews and hear BS like this * o well we have your number in anything comes up weil give you a call ~! how much of this famouse phrase line is used they say now hire right meanwhile you go there and hear this many are judgemental race discriminate etc now as chut responce says about schooling collage n etc its just stone walls just hire already i dont care if you have 100000 diplomas you still got to learn the trade of the job now a days they want you to have a diploma just to work in a candy store chinese food delivery even in a supermarket doing stock ! what a joke
    if it was on how performace is instead of diploma n all these stone walls alot of people would have jobs

  18. if there are no job interviews there would be more jobs

  19. i work for a county agency and i am all to familiar with the saying “do you want me to tell you i will get a job.” I am completely disgusted with the attitude that this society owes you something because you had eight children back to back with no plan or job. I am tried of doctors that excuse people from welfare activities b/c of diabetes or anxiety…I work with plenty of people that get up and make a dime, with far more serious health concerns….urgh

  20. Why should we work? To pour more money into the hands of the two great enemies of the people – big business and the state. We work 8 hours a day obediently; without independent thought; without creativity, and so we become empty, miserable, tired, isolated and paranoid which leads us to buy and the cycle continues…
    We work to buy. Most of the money you have you don’t need, however we are constantly reminded through advertising that we do, to buy pointless and unnecessary things. And I’m not just trying to be a killjoy – if we worked less days a week we would be more relaxed and at peace with ourselves; would have more time for enjoyment, creativity and expression; we wouldn’t need to save up and stress over that big 2-week holiday (which normally turns out to be an anti-climax anyway)
    Just a thought…

    • Oh you are so right, time has value. I can live on very little, I make 925.00 on rent, my rent that I split with someone is 925.00, total bill 600.00 a month, leaving me 300 from the rental property to pay for food and gas. O.K> my coupon business brings in another 500.00 a month, and I support my two kids on this. 800.00 we live on a month and I still save. I buy used clothing, use coupons to buy mcdonalds. Last week free lattes till june at mcdonalds, I got 20 papers, so 20 coupons, can sell them on ebay. You could buy them on ebay for 1.00, save yourself alot if you like a latte everyday, now instead of starbucks, free lattes all month at mcdonalds. I know when I lived in NY I made 100k and I bought a large latte everyday, money did not matter. I have very little now, I gave up the rat race of ny city for the slow life in TN.

    • A big contributor of over spending is our separation from nature. I am an engineer and although I am grateful for my job, I find the work mind numbing and soul sucking. At the end of the day, I just want to take the money and jam it into the hole in my chest. I spend a lot of money on stuff to keep my sanity. Compared to other people I know I’m a tame spender. I still wear clothes from college 10+ years old. I am healthy and save 1/3 of my income and donate regularly. I still can’t save enough to take a little time for myself.

      I can’t find any jobs out of the city, but whenever I can take some time out in nature I just know I would never spend needlessly if i was surrounded by the wealth of nature. diamonds pale in comparison to dew glistening on grass in the morning sun. A loud concert sounds like shit compared to the delicate and intricate symphony of insects, birds and leaves in the wind. If I could just see the stars without so much light pollution!! If I could just feel that great presence that is nature, I could breath enough to restore myself to sanity to reevaluate my situation.

      As it is, I work to put a roof over my head and I have a roof over my head to work. Once in a while I am in nature for a whole 5 minutes without disruption from a jet, a car, or other people.

      Sometimes I think about becoming a “bum”. Just take myself out to the woods and lay there. And never get up. Yes I would starve/dehydratw and die, but what a glorious few days. No work. No commercials. No cubicle. Just the smell of pine and the big sky… It would be a life worth living, however short.

  21. It is not laziness. In fact, I don’t even hate working per-say, but i hate having a schedule. If I could work when I felt like it, I can guarentee you I would be much more motivated.

    I worked 9-5 for the past year before losing my job a couple days ago. I always wanted 9-5 thinking it would be great to be off on the weekends when everyone else was… It was awful. I worked all week for 2 days of freedom? I got 2 weeks of vacation in 12 months? Thats rediculous. WORKING IS NOT LIVING. Why should life be anything less than fun? What is the point in living if you only enjoy a few hours of your life a week? And when you have a bad weekend, what a shame, because you aren’t going to get another one until you put in another 5 days of misery.

    I am relieved to have a break from this boring life of working and collect my unemployment for a while. Call me a bum if you will, but I don’t give a flying f. I’m not being lazy, I just really have no desire to work. What a waste of time all for a few bucks? it isn’t worth it. I hope in my time off I find something I can do to earn an income without sacraficing the majority of my life. I pity the people who make careers their life. Surely, one day you will realize what a waste of a life you have.

    I am female and I’ve never even understood why women fought to work? That was the stupidest thing they ever could have done. Men are both stronger and smarter and can do way more than a female ever can for any company. I blame obesity, crime rates, divorce rates, unemployment rates, welfare, poor economy all on women working.

    Get out of the office- and go pick your kids up from school. If kids had someone home to cook their dinner–they wouldn’t be stuffing their faces with mcdonalds. If the kids had someone at home to raise them properly they wouldn’t be running around in rebellion. Divorce rates would be lower because women would depend on the men and their family and would have to pull things together–not run away from their issues. There would be more jobs because women wouldn’t be taking up positions probably better suited for a man anyways (of course women get them otherwise its discrimination). Its all BS. Life is for the living.

    • Oh my goodness. I can’t believe I am saying this…but it IS SO TRUE!

      Work is for suckers. I’m been unemployed this year and I have had the time of my life.

      Thank God after 10 years of teaching English! I have seen the light!

      NO WORK FOR ME!!

      • If you aren’t working for the past year, then how do you maintain a roof over your head, and food on the table, paying bills, and the everyday expenses?

        If you are married or living with someone that works, and pays all the bills I can see. Unless it isn’t okay with your partner, and they have been wanting you to get a job, then it can’t be okay.

        (I’ve begun a blog at this web address if anyone is interested in checking it out.)

        If you are living on a winfall…well not working for you is awesome. It’s nice to hear that you are having fun.

        Sometimes, I think that people have such a hard time when they retire, since they only knew working 3/4 of their life…and now they have to learn how not to work.

    • c’mon just say it: ‘i’m lazy. I don’t want to work. I want to live off someone else (preferrably a “husband”). I don’t even want to pick up the kids, or cook food because hey, let’s face it, that’s work, too. I don’t want to be alone in my lazy boat so I’ll just go ahead and lump all women together and hopefully that’ll buy me cool points with the fellas (maybe one of them will try to pick me up).’

      Your post is a slap in the face to working people EVERYWHERE, regardless of gender. Clearly, you’ve never actually cared for someone else or for children.. or you’d know that it is far from NOT working. Ugh…

    • Yeah man, work when you want to, dude. I put up with the 9-5 for like a year, man, and realized that I’m more motivated when I can work when I want to. Haha. What friggin’ world do you live in, Granola?

      You blame all of those societal woes on women working? How about women being impoverished in their later years because they didn’t work, plan, play the game, and save for retirement? No one else is going to do it for you.

      What are you and other women supposed to do when they are 55+ years old and didn’t put into social security and save for their elderly years? It’s a horrible thing to be old and broke.

    • To: I hate working, your just stupid: I waste to society.

  22. How sad that working is not living for some people. The way that I see things we’re all working — some might be raising children and others might be at the office but both are productive and serve a purpose. The thing that bothers me is when capable, able people “choose” not to work and then expect others to pay their way. If you don’t want to work, fine–don’t work. Just don’t expect me or anyone else to pay your way while you are sitting on the couch watching Oprah.

  23. If this is another rant about the unemployed being lazy, it’s not worth the bandwidth to even read.

    Take that anyway you want.

    Bill End User has spoken

  24. I’m proud to be “lazy”. Seriously, i rather be happy and despised by society than be “productive” and MISERABLE. I collect unemployment with a BIG SMILE, i go home, read, go bike, and the next month i collect unemployment again. Sure, i don’t have a fancy house, a car, and whatnot..but i don’t care! I have one thing you working people don’t have and that is freedom.AAAAAAAH. BRB gonna sip on some cool ice tea.

    • o.k. unemployment is great till it runs out. WHen I was 23, I got unemployment and then I took all my money and traveled around the U.S. backpacked thourhcentral america. I still lived with my folks, I am 42 now with two kids, but then I was young, and the one getting unemployment, go travel, find a way to get it signed and go, travel a little. take a backpack. Live on 10.00 a day, enjoy life, join servas stay with people free, rent your apartment for one month and save the unemployment. Servas is an organization where people let you stay free in their house. Usually they are rich and just like to make their lives more interesting by allowing a guest to stay in their guesthouse. I stayed three nights in a home in arizona, in the mountains, in a guesthouse, they had a view of the mountains, a jacuzzi. I felt like I was in hollywood, amazing food, you eat free. They took me sightseeing, I spent nothing. Servas is a peace organization to promote world peace. Minimum two nights and you have to agree to dinner or one meal a day. Anyway there was another servas guest there a professor. I stayed in mexico city, netherlands, sweden all free. Try to bring a little gift when you visit from where you are from. Anyway enjoy your unemployment.

    • Now, how long do you think unemployment checks last?

  25. I have two beloved family members, my brother and sister, who both don’t work. It is very frustrating and sad for me to see such bright people having given up on even trying to find paid employment. I’m sure that they are suffering from anxiety and low self-esteem which exacerbates their situation and makes it almost impossible for them to takes steps to improve their llives. All that being said, it’s still very hard to accept the fact that they think it’s okay to sleep late and do whatever they want, while the rest of us have real responsibility. I feel for all the spouses of people who are on a perennial vacation. How unfair!

    • It sounds like you might be jealous! If you don’t want to work… people will pay for you!! Join in the fun! You too can have freedom and sit around all day! You choose not to though! So, embrace the fact that you have chosen to work and leave the slackers alone!

  26. I don’t want to work, and I’m not going to
    it’s just not gonna happen
    I don’t believe in myself or life or progress
    enough to care

    hoping for happiness doesn’t make sense
    when you’re a manic depressive

  27. Lazy and Proud…your ridiculous. I have been on unemployment before, and it was the worst feeling in the world. I felt like the biggest drain on society, even though people around me reminded me daily that I had been working since I was 15, missing 3 days of work in 13 years. It makes me sick that someone could be so worthless that they will collect a check from the govt. with a smile on their face. If no one worked, you would not be able to live like that, loser. Why not get a job, pay taxes…and let folks who need very TEMPORARY help receive the help and quit being a leach. Go pack your bowl and smoke your life away….fool. You are hurting yourself far more than you will ever hurt us however, because if you are ok with the life your leading, you certainly have no pride in yourself, and you will just fade away eventually.

  28. Just because a person may appear physically able to work, that does not necessarily mean s/he is MENTALLY able to work:

    1) Some people are in fact mentally ill……….s/he may have ADD (attention deficit disorder), or even Autism.

    2) Some people simply CANNOT take orders and or criticism……………..Point/Counterpoint: Some bosses can truly be bullies and very abusive towards their employees…….hence high employee turnover.

    3) Some people simply do not perform well under pressure.

    Like it or not, the truth is WORK is not for everyone…………Not to mention WORK is a four-letter word.

    The way I see it: (Considering how much it costs to live in this shithole of a country called the USA.) Even $10/hour doesn’t really give me a lot of incentive to work hard…………..Maybe $20/hr or even performance bonuses (like piecework pay on top of my base hourly wage) would. MEMO TO EMPLOYERS: STOP TREATING YOUR WORKERS LIKE SLAVES!!! (pay your workers better)………………..and maybe you’ll find that Americans (like myself) would do the jobs you thought they wouldn’t.

    • you made me think of something else, we had the tornado in murfreesboro a few weeks ago. there are three houses on my block getting new roofs and everyone working on the roofs are from mexico. When you blast america, I still think this country is great. I have been backpacking in mexico, I understand why mexicans want to come here. In southern mexico, the toilet was an open pit covered in feces that you had to squat open, people lived in outside tents they were covered in dirt, dirt in their hair, clothes, some children wore almost no clothes, no shoes. They stood on the side of the road selling snake skins trying to make a penny. There is no welfare. They do that to survive. I imagine hammering on a roof, is a paradise job when you compare selling a snake skin by the side of the road. It is just a different perspective. Anyone mexican can vouch for this?

    • I completely AGREE with 1) to 3) !!! It’s a mental barrier that these people face. It’s not just laziness at all.

  29. @JT: you are wasting your life away working, i’m just fine. You, like most think a job equals life.I have enough activities to keep me busy and ENJOY LIFE. Smoke my life away? Bwahaha, you wake up at 7 and work till 5 and you go back to sleep, repeating the process the next day, while i’m in a park reading a nice book or just wandering. Now who is the “loser”?

    You are the typical sheep that thinks pride is selling your soul so you can buy things. It seems work is life for you, and honestly that makes me sad. But like i said, i know i’m despised by the sheep, but i just don’t should try it;), you wouldn’t be so miserable.

  30. Your blog is very interesting. I too have a disdain for those who choose not to work or take responisbility for their own actions. I have been out of work for over 2 years now; Do I want to be out of work though? absolutely not! The issue I have (I wont go into too much detail) is I have issues interacting with people -including friends and family (from roughly a decade of abuse I suffered) therefore I CAN’T work with the public. I do however refuse all but the basic in benefits as being on said benefits is a source of constant shame to me. I do try to find work – specifically in the non service industry computer sector and in trades and labour, but the job market in Britian is oversaturated in the service sector and the above jobs you can’t get into for love nor money. I never have and never will beg on the streets. What I do’t have I don’t need.

  31. Interesting subject, and will obviously receive a number of different responses. From my own point of view, I have worked pretty solidly for the last 30 odd years, in one job or another with varying lengths of time spent in any one position. I have found work to be intrusive, sometimes pointless, a lot of workplaces are dysfunctional, and contain too many artificial constructs, either relating to business, or in relation to how people interact with each other. The whole process of work seems to be designed to keep us occupied, with one thing or another, so that we can pay our way, which mostly relates to things that we don’t actually need. Houses are unaffordable, and can in some cases, take a whole lifetime to pay off. Compared to some of the simpler societies in this world, and that is not a derogratory term in any way, so called first world countries have a very complex lifestyle, and one that requires us to constantly have to come up with ways of making money just to survive. The whole family, mortgage setup is a big trap, and one that will swallow an entire lifetime of earnings if you fall for it.

    Obviously, there are some jobs which are interesting, and can hold your attention for a while, but unless you are truly following your passion, working full time can be a horrible test of endurance.

    I think there are ways of contributing to society, that do not involve working. If it was constructed differently, we really should be entitled to a lot more free time, time that could be spent building up our relationships with others and producing constructive societies that actually engage with each other. As it stands, we mostly go home to our ‘houses’ and avoid each other like the plague. We are dysfunctional, and surely headed for some type of societal breakdown.

    Also, I have been on benefits for short periods of time, and those times were necessary for me to recover myself to a degree where I could go back and participate in the workforce. I have absolutely no issue with people that do so, or people that beg for money or other services. It is not my job to judge anybody else, and there is no way you can know their personal circumstances, or what has put them in that position.

    My opinion is that working is a trap, designed to keep us occupied for most of our lives. This in itself is a problem, as we need to be fulfilled in many different ways to feel human.

    Also, they can get rid of these damned fluoro lit offices.

    • I agree with your response, working as we know it is a killer of creativity. We work on the same boring jobs everyday without really being able to develop our creativity. We have been set up to believe in the American Dream, and there is no American Dream. It is just a dream of Buy all that you can Buy.
      Sometimes I look at my children and feel sorry for them because I know that they think that when they get a job their life will be open to so many opportunities, but the truth is they will be so miserable because they will have to endure going to same place, doing the same thing every single day of their lives until they are physically not able to do it anymore. What is pleasurable about working everyday. I have been working straight for the last 30 years of my life, I do not enjoy it, I do it because people depend on me. I have wanted to take some time off to regroup and go back to school and do something enjoyable with my life, but there is no way because my 2 daughters and my husband depend on my income(I make more money than my husband) . I’m not saying that I don’t want to pull my weight in society, I’m just saying I would like the opportunity to do something different with my life, but I am trapped.

    • YES. You said it exactly right.

  32. I would like to know why people LOOK DOWN ON ME when they see me in my WORK uniform which consist of a shirt and pants with my companies logo on it.

    If I go somewhere after work to pick up a few items, etc. and I wear my uniform people actually LOOK DOWN on me.

    I have to CHANGE out of my work clothing to be treated like a HUMAN.

    Think about that for a moment… They SEE that I’m working somewhere yet I am treated like the scum of the earth for wearing my WORK clothing around….

    People in America want PRIDE… Well there is no PRIDE from low wage work…. You get HUMILIATION from low wage jobs.

    • Even though I am not in your shoes, I really feel for you.

      Please don’t let stupid people’s perception put you down.

      You are better than that and be proud that you are at least able to stand on your own 2 feet! :)

    • People probably look down on you ’cause your a LOSER!! HAHA…JK :)

      People make all sorts weird judgements on everyone else. It’s all about breaking their stereotypes and not giving a sh*t.

      To be human is to be misjudged. Peace.

    • Yes . Agreed

  33. I had a job as a bakery clerk once, and I remember customers would come in and laugh at me for working so hard, often by myself (I am very introverted, and I always took pride in my work), to make sure my responsibilities were taken care of (These same people my efforts were, in part, feeding). After work, I’d go home and hit the job boards, tailor and send out resumes for jobs that were only appealing in that they offered a higher hourly wage than my, at-the-time, current preoccupation. After two years of this, a total of seven jobs, and five years at that company, I realized something.

    I realized how much I HATED working! Getting up at the same time every day, taking that same, monotonous drive to work, and dealing with those same, compassionless, uptight, WORKING CLASS people, for those underwhelming, and grossly unfair paychecks. Then going home, hitting the job boards, tailoring and sending out resumes, and basically jumping through hoops, and for what? What the Hell is so great about being hardworking? Because that “job well-done” adage has gotten old.

    • what I can tell anyone, if you want freedom get into sales. I know it is not for everyone, When I worked in NY I ran a worked in a personnel agency. I made alot of money, talking to people in a professional manner, understanding the requirements of a job description and finding the right person for a job, to I hatect. You should find a good recruiter to find you a better job. Smart people let recruiters work for them, and the candidates that came in and became my friend, I helped their careers alot. I do sales again selling groceries, I work when I want I am friendly laugh with customers. Look into a high end sales job like pharmeceutical sales. Go to functions in town business people go to and bullshit with people you might get a job that night. I once went to a big governors function in NY. I was soliciting so much for my company, someone came over to me and wanted to hirer me for their company. You work your own hours, especially outside sales, you get a quota, but pace yourself.

  34. What is wrong with not wanting to work? Just because you voluntarily enslave yourself does not give you any more rights of life than anyone else, by they obedient workonoids or not. Work is not freedom, it shackles the individual to a sinking ship. The solution? Jump. Get yourself equipped, learn the rudiments of survival, quit your job or just walk out, whatever, relinquish that life and begin afresh. Start living in the real world. Forget the abstraction – data centres, virtualisation, telenurturing , calls to action, thought grenades and synergy. Drown your managers in the trout lake. Shatter the office windows and use the ventilation foil as fishing lures. Use the end of project report as kindling. Be free.

  35. I’ve been in and out of a few low-paid jobs in a few different sectors since i dropped out of high-school. I never lasted more than a few months at any of them. Consequently i have been on and off unemployment and sickness benefits during this time as well. When im in a job working set shifts i begin to unhappy, begin to develop a bad attitude towards work and begin to take it out on others. On several occasions this has understandbly, led to me being rejected by most of my co-workers. The rejection often leads to both anxiety and depression. I no longer wish to show up, quit and end up back on welfare. I can live perfectly well on a small amount of money, but its the constant reminds that im a drain on society that push me back into the cycle of work/depression/anxiety again.

  36. I am an engineer that never liked the 9-5 grind. Our society is centuries old, and fine tuned to suit the wealthy. Working 40 years to pay off a house just didn`t make sense to me. At age 32, I calculated that I would have to work a hundred years to be wealthy. Instead of working the hundred years, I rebelled and quit my job.

  37. It’s not that hard to get by without working a lot. The reason people think they need so much money is because they are used to such high standards of living. I’ve figured out a way to live off of only 20 hours of work at a minimum wage job, and I don’t have to live in a ghetto or eat McDonald’s everyday. The big thing to not do is not have kids, and you really shouldn’t do that anyway, I think we have enough people already.

  38. Because you work and get compensated with a value that fluctuates. Not just that, but generally speaking it’s trial and tribulation to actually land a job that pays you more than just living paycheck to paycheck. 40 hours a week leaves you with no life, only enough time to destroy yourself over the weekend as you try to stretch every second of your precious time off. But it’s never enough, and everyone is depressed on monday. And you have the nerve to ask why. You must love your job – not everyone can be so lucky as to hold out for what they love while bills need to be paid or education must first be learned. There’s no way to live without a bill or tax of some sort unless you’re hunting and sleeping on leaves. But there’s no animals to hunt for miles, so why not hunt humans? You don’t have to kill them, you just have to make them feel sorry for you. Honestly, it’s perfectly understandable.

  39. In the end, fair is fair. Once the hedge funds strip you of your earnings, your corporation takes away your retirement, and your government can’t afford social security, you’ll find the same attitude you displayed waiting for you. Enjoy.

  40. I am a young adult and had been working for 3 years from graduation. I think people saying that working is not living are right, but at the same we should consider also that everybody consumes goods (food, electricity, natural resources, etc) that have to be somehow produces, prepared, delivered. If everybody gave in to their inner freedom wish and live only doing interesting things like traveling, reading, watching TV, biking and stuff who would be producing the goods? Who would wake up every morning fighting the urge to sleep in, go to work, produce food, services, houses, etc?
    I would say more, if every person that is able would work, maybe then the rest wouldn’t be forced to work 5 days a week (some even more) until they are really old. Maybe then we will work 4 days a week and wouldn’t be so stressed about large social taxes that are used to sustain the “free spirits” that are not so stupid as to work for the society.

    If you thing government is a oppression tool, than please be consequent enough not to take the help it gives you, because it gives it to you under the assumption you are apart of the society, when in reality you are just taking and not giving.

    To those that say they are happy receiving the unemployment help (i am not talking about people between jobs or in trouble, but of those that make unemployment a lifestyle) i want to say that they are just using a bug in the system, a system they laugh about.

    the possibility to choose not to work came with the development of the society, when people could produce enough to sustain a larger number of not workers. And to abuse this is very parasite like from my point of view.

    I SURELY would prefer to stay at home and read novels, watch TV, go to the park, but i have to live of something that i do, not something others did.
    I trust the society to help me when in trouble, but i do my best to keep out of it.

  41. all paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind
    -attributed to aristotle

    How did we link the pyramids with the stars in egpyt
    these days we sink an unsinkable seaship
    – me , ex bum rapper

    Think about it as society has progressed humans have lost intelligence by selling free products such as gas, water, whats next tax the air. Society is the mental ward and the tablets are compared to booze and fags to numb your ass to stop you from thinking for yourselves. Ive worked in my life many times and realised im a slave to a company whose main concern is money you shallow creatures , shout outs to the sheep who abandoned the blind shepard. If we decide to work let it be for a good cause nurse, charity organizer etc. Why should we pay for food electricity etc prices are disgusting cmon food grows on trees, electricity is a free power how dare humans put a price on it you bitches.

  42. I see quite a few anti-work comments, which is great. The modern system of employment is a scam. Being forced to work by the threat of poverty is slavery. All who value freedom should resist employment and seek alternative methods of survival.

  43. In my country, there’re many beggars who are able to work but don’t want to work!

    Some people don’t want to live the same life: eat, drink, sleep, earn money but they still work!
    After graduation, I will find a job!!
    Working hard is the road to glory!

  44. I too quit work. I am fortunate enough to have parents to rely on, and use my free mind to devote more time to helping my parents and volunteering that I actually enjoy doing. When I was working, I was too stressed to enjoy those things.

    There are people who enjoy their 9-5 jobs, which makes me think there is something wrong with me. I do have social anxiety, fear of making mistakes, and an aversion to doing things which seem senseless. I’m trying to change the way I think so I can overcome these and get back to work, but it’s not easy.

    Plus, I get mixed messages on how I should act. From one side, employers tell me to relax and accept my mistakes. On the other side, they tell me to be extremely careful of one little slip. So I’m supposed to be extremely alert but relaxed all at once? It’s not fun trying to maneuver through the “should”s of life.

    Here’s the question. If we don’t do the 9-5, how else do we pay rent, bills, clothes etc? I’m not a big spender, but I like to eat out a few times a year, use the internet, rent skates, visits my relatives overseas etc. All these require money.

    I think the only way I can be happy is through self-employment, but even through that I have to deal with people, and then ignite the same insecurities that prevented me from working. It’s my best option.

    I used to believe that on order to work well, I need to believe that what I’m doing it worth the energy it’s taking from me. I worked as a mentor and teacher, and got lots of praise and thanks from students and parents alike, but it wasn’t enough.

    • Wow, man. I greatly sympathize with your situation and personal struggles – you’ve basically described my own feelings about socialization and work. I worry about my status as an unemployed college student living at home on my parents’ “generosity.” Sometimes it just feels unethical, something previous commentators have discussed at length. My mother sometimes attempts to persuade me to find work, but I feel generally disenchanted with most workplaces, possibly owing to a first job at McDonald’s that was, perhaps unsurprisingly, quite stressful and unfulfilling.

      I feel detached from most other people who seem to take working in stride, whom I view as somewhat inhuman, in a way, just in the manner that they go about daily routines with no apparent regard for matters of lasting significance – the “slave” mentality, you know. I hope someday there will be a better time, the “Age of Abundance” certain theorists talk about, when people CAN just “do whatever they want,” and where everyone will be okay with that and not personify bigotry towards their fellow men and dominance over nature.

      You may call me lazy, a freeloader, etc etc. But would my working at a supermarket really justify my existence here on this earth? Do I require a job, which I may or may not want, to hold a position of respect and compassion in your heart? You may say, frankly, no, that you earn respect through hard work. I want you to think really hard about that sentiment, and honestly question whether your jobless fellows possess intrinsic moral worth by virtue of being unique human beings, even if they haven’t found a way to put that uniqueness on the market.

      • I appreciate your honesty and was a student for many years. The transition from living at home to being on your own can be scarey. I agree with you and many others who have posted on this site that many jobs are not very fulfilling. Unfortunately, most people have to work so they can eat, provide shelter, etc. Here’s my logic. If you have to work, why not find work that you like. This may not happen overnight. Usually, you need to make an investment in education or training. In the end, I believe that being proactive and preparing for a career, etc. will make all the difference in a satisfying career vs. just having a job. With all of that said, there will always be days when you would rather go to the beach instead of work but that’s just part of life. I wish you well and pray that you will find a rewarding, meaningful job that provides you with the means to live a full live!

  45. I’m on welfare. I get a generous 18,000 US dollars a year tax free on disability. I live in a spacious, two bedroom, two story apartment, and I live ALONE. I run a car, have broadband, a new laptop, and most importantly, I don’t give a **** what ‘society’ thinks about me. Society condoned and still condones the institution that disabled me in the first instance. I have no respect for ‘the working man’, I have pity for his slavery of course, but I’m certainly not going to agree with mindless claims that I am wasting tax dollars that come from fools who consistently vote for governments who waste trillions on ridiculously unnecessary things such as submarines (the cold war is over morons), bank bailouts, presidential helicopters that cost more than air force one, pathetic propaganda government funded tv ads costing billions, and you have the balls to complain about welfare recipients? That’s not how it works pal.

    (the rest of this foul, angry, comment has been removed by Mr. Jones)

    • Wow, you sound so bitter. I would hope that you are doing things to improve your condition. Not just sitting in the “lazy chair” smoking and drinking your problems away..and worseing your health because of the depression that you must be feeling. Look to broaden your horizons, and find positive things to enjoy, and to be an active member in society in some capacity. Not a “Whoa is me” type. I’m sorry for your problems, and sorrier that it has reduced you to this level of thinking. However, good health and sunshine make a huge difference in one’s mental state. I wish you many blessings.

    • It’s because of those FOOLS who PAY taxes and working their ass off every fkin day to pay their BILLS and FEED their children, that you can buy all those fancy things.
      Have some goddamn respect.

    • Cheers golden years. Don’t forget all the foreign aid we give to other countries, Military aid and social aid. Who pays for that… You did friend. You paid with your body. You have every right to be angry. I work 40 a week and a shitty job so i can buy electronics and other shit i don’t need. I am a sheep.

  46. Really Jones’ view promotes the worst kind of person. Granted there exist a multitude of shiftless people who desire– and should not be granted– handouts, but those who glorify meaningless materialism as ‘being productive’ are not better, but in fact worse, since they actually propagate the system which will lead to an irrational and eventually unsustainable society. This ‘productive’ class of people seeks to continually fill the inspective and introspective voids in its constituent’s lives by consuming its own useless produce (great, so now I can watch a crappy tv show on my cell phone!). Since the aforementioned class of mindless people controls society—thanks to democratic capitalism– even the people who might otherwise do something useful or creative (e.g. mathematicians, physicists, authors, etc.) end up working towards empty goals (e.g. analyzing risk for investment banks and designing better media devices to display worse content). Machines could perform 90+ percent of those ‘productive’ jobs Americans esteem better and cheaper, and, if we actually had an educated society on top of the machine laborers, then people could spend their time pursuing enriching and useful activities. Now you’ll have to excuse me as I must get drunk and find last night’s American Idol performances on the internet (ah, if only I were being sarcastic).

  47. Yes I do work and I know some people that don’t

  48. Clap clap another fine upstanding brainwashed citizen. Keep working little slave boy keep working!

  49. Fascinating blog responses. Seriously, this is the query of the year, “Why don’t people want to work?” People sound fed up, entitled, spiritual, angry that they have to do the task everyday, and work paycheck to paycheck for some. Of course, I certainly understand this blog, and it doesn’t reflect on the mentally ill, disabled person, or someone taking care of a loved one who is ill. This is about working to make a difference in your life and everyone else’s life. Humankind has come such a long way, and it was not from the Glory of it all. Einstein(relativity), Banting(found insulin) Curie (French chemist that found radium and polonium), Sir Alexander Fleming(founder of penicillin), ect…the list goes on. If these people didn’t want to work, because they didn’t like what lowly lives they lived, and how little they got in life, where would we be today? I think we all need to find our particular passion and goals. We are all unique in our own ways, and have so much to offer. T.V. has given too many people a fantasyland an escape from the labor/daily grind. It’s too bad, great minds go to waste watching the tube.

    How many people do you know that play the lottery, either everyday, or every Friday and Saturday…and what do you think they all say they will do when they win that big “pie in the sky”, “Quit my job!”. If everyone quit there job and just didn’t work, life would really not be worth living.

    I too see homeless standing on the corners of the freeway exits asking for handouts, daily, I hear that they make a lot of money. I have a lot of uncomfortable views on the homeless situation, maybe in another post response I will share them.

    People should take responsiblity, and strive to do the right thing in life for the betterment of mankind. That is what it is all about. “Survival of the fittest” if us Americans don’t give off our lazy butts and get busy, we will not be a World Power. Nothing gets done eating Captain crunch while sitting in front of the television.

  50. I work, but I only work because I have to. I really hate it. I hate that I’m being forced to waste my life on something I never wanted to do, because we’re forced into it. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not angry about it, and I do feel enslaved. There’s nothing I can do. In society, we need money, and we need to work to get that money. I avoided work as long as I could, until I was 20, and even now I only work 4 hour shifts because I want to enjoy the short time I have on Earth, doing what I want to do, not what some boss is demanding I do. I’m single and don’t have any kids. Things are rough sometimes, but there’s never a day when I would consider trading my relative freedom to work 8 hour shifts for more money. Time is more valuable than money.

  51. I’d rather hunt or fish, but land mysteriously belongs to someone, so there is no shelter without work. This system is flawed. It’s all meaningless production to ensure that we’re safe enough to meaninglessly produce more.

  52. This whole lifestyle of a 40 hour work week is bull shit. It is not a healthy lifestyle. People today are far to stressed out. Honestly why do we need to work so hard? What are we working towards? Heart attacks? Retirement?

    If I won the lottery I wouldn’t quit my job I would get fired.

  53. “Golly!” I didn’t realize how many people are angry and fed up with the idea of working. What else would you do if you didn’t work? Let’s go to the land of “NOBODY WORKS HERE.” Take away all the vehicles, t.v’s, food, clothes, houses, boats, airplanes, hospitals, ect… Now, are you happy???????

    People need to do what they enjoy, or feel the need to do that creates a lifestyle on a grander scale. Seriously, if people had these attitudes that I’m reading about here, you’d seriously not want to be living here. Man, there would be nothing fun to play with or do.

    • In response to the land of “Nobody Works Here”

      In a communal living situation everyone does something. It’s unavoidable, it’s natural, it’s how we live as humans in our native environment. Look at the tribes who live peacefully in the jungles, or the american indians before they were forced to conform. There are systems which work and work well and are actually productive and positive to the whole family. An area is dedicated to the children, members of the community, mainly the mothers, are found there with the children. Together they teach them and raise them in the larger family. No one is ever stressed out, no child is ever abused. Those who wish to do so will find wood for structures and for fire. Respecting the land, using only dry, dead wood. Never green wood. Entertainment would be found in the creative types, they spend their day making music, crafts, and performing for the others in theaters built from the earth. Huge gardens would provide food for everyone and since this system would not be faulty and evil, everyone will love to give a helping hand to keep “Eden” alive. Work would not be slavery, it would be what is now called SUSTAINABLE LIVING. True “green” living.

      I may not be able to express myself through writing very well, but I have experience in this type of living in tribes reaching 10 thousand + and know that it is very possible and very easy and that our very nation was originally this type of democracy and it lives to this day and will one day return to the lost children of the earth.

      Blessings, love and light

      • It’s good to see a fellow lightworker :D

      • You live in your little utopia, until you get appendicitis or some other curently curable disorder and realize that there is no modern medicine or doctor to cure the condition. You best pray that the witch doctor can cure your ills with his fire dance at that point. Oh and don’t even think about what giving birth might be like, one simple complication and you will most likely die. Remember you are relatively genetically ill suited for these “natural” environments as many generations of modern convenience have allowed genes that would otherwise die out to survive in society.

        Forget about vaccinations, diseases will be much more rampant and you get to rely on your good old immune system for everything. Lets say your child has a deformity, even minor. HE will be a drain on the societies already scarce resources and probably will not survive.

        You fantastical utopian people forget that at heart nature is a cruel beast designed to weed out the weak and make sure the strong prosper.

    • “Worker Bee” lady,

      You sound like my kind of gal. What are these kids thinking on here? Isn’t there any pride left in craftmanship? Good service delivered? Company milestones? Promotions? Building a portfolio? Meeting deadlines? Accomplishments? Responsibility? What happened to the America I grew up in where people took pride in their work and actually gathered a lot of their self worth from working? All I see here is a bunch of lazy liberal bums who would rather just gripe about what a grind the week can be and how they’d rather roll around in the park with a book than be productive.

      That’s just the way it is, folks. You work to EARN your paycheck. You work to EARN your property. You work to EARN promotions, opportunities, etc. I’m not reading about anyone taking pride in earning something for themselves on here (for the most part). It’s all Marxist beggars on here who aren’t going to have a DIME when they reach retirement age.

  54. Sorry, there are some things I left out;

    Medical aid is found through natural healers who use herbs, plants, and understanding of the Chakra system, acupuncture and other forms of “alternative” medicine that actually works and does not have the side effects of the pills fed to those in the system by “big pharma” These services are FREE, and why should they not be?

    Money? What’s that? We need to understand that we are all one family and should not hesitate to care for each other. If your brother/sister is hungry, why not feed him/her?
    If there is something wrong that is making them sad, anxious, depressed, or otherwise unhappy or unable to “contribute” it is NOT their fault. Help them and you are helping yourself.

    I’ve started a movement in my city(Austin) where we are offering free gardens to all who ask. We have quite a few in people’s yards now. This food is creating a surplus that is even now too much for all of us. We are forced to share it. Once we cover the city with gardens then we will have taken an important step towards sustainability and freedom. First we free the food, then we free the electricity and gas, then we free the housing and soon we free ourselves from this system. THIS is what some “lazy bums” are doing while they aren’t begging for change. They are working to help you out and not making a dime doing it because that’s not what’s important. Our freedom is.

  55. I appreciate and see your point on many levels of communal living. A vast majority of people do not wish to live that way. Everyone has a different degree of what they want in life, and I believe that applies here as well. Most (not all) communal living that I have witnessed have been rather cultish in appearance, or very old school. Newer modern thinkers aren’t going to want to conform to that way of living. In retrospect, I mean that these people of Generation X and the baby boomers, some not all…are not going to go for a communal living, but on another hand don’t want to work because life is too easy, or they feel that they deserve handouts. Not everyone believes in Eastern Medicine, and I know people that don’t believe in Western Medicine…the list can go on, but I do see what you are saying. In essence, we living in a varied culture, and there are going to be people that are lazy, born out of it.

  56. Path of least resistance is the physical way of the universe… deal with it, we are all lazy at heart. Work is just a means of creating more laziness down the line and sometimes it’s only those at the top that get to enjoy it at their country clubs and such. I don’t give money to the guy on the street often, but I never feel cheated by him either, just that he is in a really bad situation despite the myths that you hear of them making a good living doing it.

    • I did read between the lines and caught the “myths” part of your inference to the homeless asking for handouts and making a good living off of it. Certainly, it isn’t a myth that they do well begging at the stop lights, exits, and where ever else they can find a fresh victim to submit to their dire needs for “hope in a dollar.” When you see these homeless beggars on the streets asking for money, it is usually the same ones at the same spots everyday. It is by no other vastitude that we feel compelled to give…by virtue only of our desire to be viewed as a martyr in the afterlife, that somehow the God of Chritians and the like of any religion compells people that to believe in the unseen, the hope of better treatment in the afterlife will come to them. Homeless people are truly a people looking for someone to work for them, so they don’t have to.

      Unless a person has a serious physical disability, or mental equivalent, then the person without these deficits, should “GET A J. O. B! Exemption for mothers with babys and small children, and the Men and Women that served this country and have disabilities that the government has abandoned. The Vietnam Vets for an example. Also, future wars that we shouldn’t have fought, and the government has failed to provide for.

      In wrapping up, I don’t mean to come off sounding like a “Hag,” but there are a number of people that are just lazy, and try the “goodwill” of others. I just wish it were easier to say who to give to. I don’t mean not to help out a chap that needs it for the short-term, but when it is the same individual, and he has no other reason for being homeless, other than he or she lacks motivation, and the determination to remove themselves from that lifestyle, then I have a problem with it
      I know currently, several people that are being evicted from their homes, and I know they would never appear to anyone to be a homeless person, but they are. They just don’t stand on street corners asking for handouts and they don’t look disheveled (yet). They are also quite capable of working, but I have witnessed for years that they choose not to do the right things. Now, their options are diminished and they are being evicted. Some are even College Degreed!
      Thank you for listening to my review of the matter, it is a pleasure to share thoughts and concerns with you all.

      • Choices. I’m glad you mentioned that. I knew the exact moment I shot myself in the foot financially… and three years down the line I’m still doing it and still suffering the consequences (albeit supporting myself (barely making ends meet) but supporting myself). It may be true that many of us are literally one paycheck from complete brokedom.. but if you know that, then choose wisely.

        I think all the responses have been great! Reading them has been therapeutic lol… I’m not alone or crazy. Looks like everybody hates “working” lol..

  57. I didn’t mean to scare anyone away!

  58. Working for money is the biggest bullshit in the world.

    I hate it when people say “you have to work hard for money” I mean if you don’t work then you don’t have money, generally, and you life isn’t as good because you can’t afford luxuries. BUT if you “work hard” 40 hours a week, you have money but life isn’t enjoyable from working so much. The best thing anyone can do is work for themselves and provide value to people, i.e…start their own business.

  59. I don’t like working but I know that society can’t survive without work. I wish we didn’t have to. I wish the Venus Project could be complete now and we could worry about something more meaningful than these mundane and repetitive processes. But its whats necessary. If everyone lived by the exact same ethic that they don’t need to work, it wouldn’t matter if you were “lazy”, you’d still be just as miserable as everyone else because there would be no services.

    Its just, what you have to do as a society. The hardest thing for me is getting up and finding a job. A good motivation. That, and finding one that doesn’t totally suck for someone my age (21 years old). Unlike my peers I like to have a balance in life, and not make work my life.

  60. I agree with what most are saying here… the current system makes for a completely pointless existence. I truly feel sorry for you if you think that working 40+ hours a week with 2 weeks vacation is ‘life’… I’d rather be free and broke and have a free mind to work on other things than sell myself into slavery.

    Do you really think the Starmaker, who created all the billions of galaxies, would want you to spend this miracle of existence in some f***ing office? Please, get a grip!

    ‘I’m broke but I’m happy,
    I’m poor but I’m kind’

    – Alanis Morissette.

  61. Everyone here has shown the multiple sides of this discussion. This is not completely black and white – life is more of a muddled brown …

    Here is what I know:

    Money does NOT equal happiness; money DOES buy conveniences.

    Poverty is not artistic nor beautiful nor simple.

    Providing a stable, loving home for your family has nothing to do with money.

    We are all creative people that come from different walks in life – we choose different paths for different reasons – we have different values. Life is not simple.

    I am thankful for help when I receive it and I give to those in need. There is no room for judgment. It’s a waste of time to worry about what other people might have or might be taking from our “system”. Be content with what you have or change your life so that you can live without worrying. Live within your financial means and grow your spirit / artist side as well – it’s all about balance.

    I’ve held a 40+ hours/week jobs for the past 20 years – I work to live the life I want. If I wanted a different life I might work more or less … that’s how it works – life is what you make of it. All we really have control over is our time – spend it wisely. If I were to sacrifice the artist / spirit in me to a job I would be miserable. Again, this is not black and white … more of a muddled brown.

    • great cap on the convo lee! I so needed to read all of these tonight.. the laughs.. the insults… lol… the arguments.. the points made…. great blog… i’m motivated again!

      Thank you all!

  62. i work the 8-6 thing everyday. whatever. but i have two friends who don’t. one chooses not to work and is basically siphoning off his family and searching for a girlfriend who will take care of him so he can just hang out. the other one is a recovering crack addict who dropped out, smoked his life away and is now mowing lawns to make ends meet.

    i never thought i could respect a crack addict. at least he accepts his mistake and is making an effort to be self sufficient. the other guy just says he “refuses to be part of society”.

    work is about taking responsibility for yourself. so if you decide not to work, that’s fine. that is your level of responsibility. But when your appendix bursts and you have to pay $15K to have it taken care of because you don’t have health insurance, you must face the fact that your choices led to your situation.

    my siphoning friend says that if that happens to him he’ll just “go to the desert and die”. nice.

  63. I am surrounded by people of various levels of work ethics. In fact, I just spoke with a 70 year old woman, who is working five days per week, and they are short days, but still. Then another woman who dropped out of the workforce, and barely exists at the age of 58. These are extreme cases, however, I do not know how rare. Then a ton of retiree’s living on nothing.

    I personally enjoy my work. Of course, when I am home and doing fun things around here, or kayaking, or rollerblading, I enjoy that too. However, I’m desiring a “Skidoo, motorboat, laptop, camera, and a ton of other stuff.” If I didn’t work, I would never be able to by my toys! How cool is that!

    It is amazing to watch these people on their Skidoos on Mission Bay, and then they go out into the Huge Pacific Ocean, and can go really fast! I kayak out there, but there is no comparison.

    I’m glad I work, and enjoy what I do, and wish others could find their “niche,” because one thing that I know foresure…a nonworking person is never really satisfied with their life.

    Best to All!

  64. Actually, I am 36 years old and utterly hate working. I actually woke up one day thinking do I care about civilization or even furthering it. What exactly am I here for.. to just produce? Is that my whole existence.. I am here to just grind and produce like a slave.

    I guess I am like the cellular organisms on a slide under a microscope. It doesn’t seem there is a point but just a job they do.. I guess they have to just to keep existing.. They just go to and fro.. Doing their “job”.. Is that my life.. Hell no.. In my life. I will work when I need to.. I will try my best not to exist off others. It all seems pointless.. The cell keeps it going.. there has to be a point to that cell .. One that is more divine than just to support our body so it can produce junk that seems pointless in the grand scheme of things.. We eat up energy that was produced from our sun for free.. but we take that energy and overall create a system we say that needs to be supported and paid for by the rest of us.. Even though the energy was provided to us for free we create the system and use the bodies that were not owned by anyone or even us and ask for compensation. We say are labor is worth something.. What about all the cellular organisms that produce your life .. Don’t they deserve compensation.. No.. They just do the work for you so they can exist and you can exist.. They ask for nothing in return except you support them.. Give them the energy they need.. No, we limit the energy sources our body’s need from others.. Even though we didn’t create the energy.. We just gained it from another source.. We could say it is a big competition but I think we are all intelligent enough to grow above being an animal..

    There isn’t a day that goes by.. Have we all missed the point to this reality.. Maybe for thousands of years like automatons… Like robots walking to and fro..

    People get so angry about this.. I think some people mold their entire lives around the philosophy “you have to work hard if you want the things you desire in this world”.. Honestly, I don’t want anything from this world.. It seems bland so far.. pointless..

    When my dad was dying.. my sister told me “I have an interview to do today.. I have to get that out of the way”.. She didn’t go because I pleaded to her that her dad was more important than some job.. When my mother died.. My brother said.. “I have to finish up my job here first then I will come home…”.. What crap lives we have.. Everything evolves around our employment.. This world seems pointless.. Deadlines that seem so important .. When in the end we just die..

    • Oooooh, what a day! In Paradise I am. I was in the Ocean all day, Boogieboarding, and then went hiking in the lagoon in the evening. Pure pleasure.

      Work called to see what days I was available for October, and called them back to update. I have to let them know after I find out from my second job, when I will be available for the other job. I’m so excited to go to work tomorrow, and see all these wonderful people that I work with, and the patients that I take care of. It’s such a social hour! I love my Job!!! Find Your Passion People!!! Be of service to people, and it returns to you in spades!

      I still get to play in the Ocean whenever I want, because I make my days the way I want them to be. I still write on my blogs, and develop my website, and I have to honestly say…I wish I didn’t have to sleep! I have so many things that keep me pleasurably busy…and sleep is an interruption.

  65. I do not want to work. im able. Im in college I’m 21… My parents are paying for it. I’m a little spoiled. I really just want to move to the jungle and eat berries all day. Why cant i do that??? well.. I CAN! see ya in the rainforest ya’ll.

  66. Sounds like you are headed for a Wonderful Life! Have you watched the movie “Into the Wild?” You might want to watch that first.

    Wishing you all the best!
    or my website:

  67. Unemployment process has got to change. Maybe in order to get unemployment …part of the deal is you have to work at least 20 hours a week for your community. Then they have time to look for a job, network and they aren’t earning money for doing nothing…

  68. able bodied people not able to work
    ok have you heard of a thing called being hired
    going to job interview
    work is not volunteering
    never heard of a paid voluteer position with benefits
    and the assumption that every person asking for money is lazy

    there is a thing called competition
    i or anyone cant hire themselves
    there is a thing called an interview process
    someone is making the decision if you work for them or not
    get over it
    if i were in charge
    the poeple who would lose their jobs
    would be those who put others down for not having a job or keeping a job

    get over it!!!!!!
    cant just go to a grocery store on aisle 10
    hey heres a job
    i will just walk in tom and ill get paid
    while youre in fairy tale land
    say hi to tinekerbell

    • I know what you mean. I am seeing that now, especially, in this marketplace with everyone tightening their belts. They are being even pickier. The worst that I have seen from all this fallout, is homeless people literally, tons more. Plus, nurses coming out of school, can’t get jobs. Hospitals aren’t hiring new graduates right now. I would be so upset if that were me. I know things will get better, but it’s just the waiting and seeing. Lots of people are hurting, and I can see that in what I am reading. I wish everyone well.

  69. i found my passion
    however its very competitive
    i cant do what i want to do
    i dont want to go to a dead end job
    going nowhere
    with a horrible boss
    and horrible coworkers
    i like my lifestyle
    i am free to do so many things and events
    if i had a job
    i would be able to do none of them
    a job will never be my life
    a part of it
    but never my whole life

  70. Some of us don’t live to work. I am a writer and like my freedom to live life. I’m trying to get OUT of the corporate world right now and to pursue my own passions in life. Some of us also have no desire to go to a 9-5 job and be a “domesticated pet” to someone else (in the words of Steve Pavlina) and work in indentured servitude for 40 years. We have our own creative pursuits and are not always in it to make loads of money to purchase useless material crap just to feed the greedy American GDP. I need money for food, shelter, and clothing, nothing else. This blogger makes some pretty sweeping generalizations about people on street corners and housewives and assumes people are living off of the government. What about the Amish of this country? They certainly don’t take handouts from the government and get along just fine in this country. They don’t ‘work’ for someone else. I have a feeling, my friend, that you are walking around with blinders on. Get to know those people on the street corner before you make assumptions. Have some compassion for others for pete’s sake. THAT’S the problem with some people in this country.

    • I totally agree with not wanting to work for corporate america, the greed, and as you so elloquently put it “indentured servitude for 40 years,” I too have found a passion in my own life, and having to go out of my home to a place of work, to perform duties to be paid, seems like an encroachment on my time, and the things I venture to do in my own life.

      I think my thinking was spun from a web of deceit over many years. Everyone telling me that you have to have a job, you have to have health insurance, you have to have 401K, all the “You Have Ta’s” My mind has been brainwashed, and please forgive me if I sputter out words that seem injurous, but it is from all those years that I was fed the line of bull time after time after time. I am just now coming into my own. In fit’s and starts, but I’m doing it.. Breaking away from the proverbial mold of “domesticated pet,” and I too am finding a passion in writing. Enjoying being home, cooking, writing, and visiting with friends, and neighbors. Wow! what a life this is.

      Tomorrow starts me back to a workload away from my home. But, I am looking at it like an adventure, as each day begins anew. Dreaming of what I could be doing if I were home, and having the excitement knowing, when I have that moment to express myself in my own domain, that I will have earned it even more…for the patience and tolerance of all the other activities that I had to perform.

      I plan, and plot to have my own life. However, for me it is taking me to work and put money away. I have cut out lots of expenses, and don’t require much. The plan is unfolding and gets closer everday.

      Here’s an pleasant website if there are any Christians on this blog:

      God Bless

  71. I’m curious Jones, are you talking about all people who don’t work, or just the ones that beg?
    I’m trying to say that is a man or woman had a rental income and didn’t have to go to a 9-5, does that bother you?
    Or is it just the jerks that are lazy? because I agree with second one, but I have to admit I’m sorta jealous of the first one.

  72. i sense jealousy and anger and resentmen from those who have to work, calling people who dont want to work and accusing those of being lazy, its not that, just dont like the idea of beings somone’s slave day in and day out and employment can be a part of someones life

    somone said it best
    a person should work to live
    not live to work

    for me
    a person should breathe to live :)

  73. I’ll never work a 9-5 job ever because its a complete waste of a life. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was less like 3 or 4 hours a day maximum. Anything more than that is slavery unless you really enjoy what you’re doing.

  74. what i dont get are why some people who do work or have to work
    seem to really have issue with people who dont work
    are they the ones who are complaining
    i dont want to work 9-5 either
    not sorry to say that
    a job by no means is a careeer
    if one wants one great
    one is lucky to get to do whaht they wnat to do do and get paid for it
    i have seen so many jobs
    that you work so many hours
    and might as well get paid in gum
    like this once commercial
    i agree tim
    to me 9-5 can very much be slavery
    and to hear how many hate their jobs
    co workers and bosses
    and some peopel say they serttle on spouses
    my gosh dont settle on job either
    all i know
    tim you got it 100% do what you wan to do
    but gosh
    its slaevery if you hate it

  75. Employment is like slavery. The employer has too much control over the life of the worker. If a working mother has a sick child then she must choose between caring for her sick child and the source of income to feed that child. You need to look at the larger picture and realize that our government depends on the work and taxation of the American people. We are not free. We are slaves to society, government and the rich corporations. They want us to keep quiet and keep working and so we have been taught to believe that not working is unacceptable. For once in my life I’d like to be able to sleep when my body is tired without reprimand. I wish I could sit in the silence and just think instead of constantly rushing here and there to get everything done that a “hardworking person” should accomplish. For once in my life can I please be free, and be a living, breathing HUMAN rather than a robot? It’s not likely but I’ll keep on dreaming.

  76. I’m all for hard work but to be honest i’m at the stage where i’m starting to believe that it takes courage to not work in a full time job for instance where you are career minded enough to want to climb the ladder to earn money compared to doing something you truly love. this isnt about laziness this is simply about living by your own rules which i believe everyone is entitled to do and i personally believe that everyone deep down doesnt really want to be working full time unless its 100% their dream job which is possible but hard to get. A full time job in many ways is like selling your soul to a company but of course it looks good to other people around you that you are in a job so its great for social status and the money helps. It fits into societies expectations but i see alot of friends in jobs that have literally killed their lifestyles. a full time job is often a mind numbing repetative process. I’d love to just set up in my workshop and work on making music and inventing my own products but right now it would never pay enough to live. Personally i dont judge people who dont want to work full time for companies that mean nothing to them, its usually all about social status but i dont think its necessaraly self-respect to just choose a career for the sake of it. Of course there i no excuse for the unemployed who dont take care of themselves, people like that dont have standards and have no idea what they are doing. It takes courage to truly live your own path and some people dont like the idea of going to work if it doesnt feel genuine being there in the first place. Alot of people want to wake up and work on their own interests which is fair, It seems to me that people who want to be lawyers or business analysts/project managers are in it for either the money or social status which to me is projecting a person that is a walking contradiction and has low self-esteem. Its like in the city when you see all these people in the same business clothes i think its sad because conforming to expectations rather then being an individual. they think they are living a purposeful life but its all about people pleasing and showing off within that business world. doesnt interest me in the slightest and i dont care for any of it. Most Jobs are slave to the wage. So while i used to detest those sorts of characters in other ways i sort of admire them for being themselves.

  77. Some people just don’t want to work. Hell, if I had the option to not work, I wouldn’t work.

    Why work if you don’t have to? Why not enjoy life to the fullest if you can?

    There are many ways you can /not work/ and still live a happy life. Consider someone who simply owns franchises or businesses, they could just hire someone to manage the businesses, and not work another day in their life.

    Consider someone who owns websites and makes money off of advertising revenue. They can hire someone to make sure the site doesn’t go down, and they wouldn’t have to work another day in their life!

    Work hard, and you’ll get more work. Work smart, and you eventually won’t have to work.

  78. Ok this jones person
    original poster
    you don’t speak for me!!!
    your post ur opinion
    I don’t work and so many times
    I hear and sense and feel anger from those who have to work
    complaining to me and giving me a hard time abt me not working
    it’s abt them not me

    this comment
    …as adults
    ok don’t include me in that
    you speak for yourself that’s it!!!

  79. Hey jones
    what if you lost ur job
    and was never hired again
    are you oblivious to hiring process
    it’s not up to applicant
    people like you annoy
    oh wouldn’t it be nice if karma got you
    yeah jones
    hope u get pink slip
    then talk !!!!
    bottom line your opinon is just one
    and your appearnce of what you think is wise
    is nothing more than a opinon
    which is nothing
    if you don’t like people who don’t work
    get over it!!!!
    no one here is accountable to you

    you have ur opinions fine
    but I have mine
    and they aren’t urs

    get back to work jones
    but i

    • I respect your comments. I just need to clarify that I ONLY have a problem with people who CHOOSE not to work and then WANT OTHERS to pay their way. Can you see my point? I’m not talking about:

      1. People who have unfortunately lost their job.
      2. People who are unable to work for a variety of reasons including medical disability, mental issues, etc.

      I’m ONLY talking about people who CHOOSE not to work but are not adult enough to accept the consequences. That’s REALLY my point. I agree that everyone get’s to decide the course of their life. If you dont’ want to work, DON’T WORK. If you choose this course of action though, please be willing to accept the consequences. Don’t burden others with the responsobility of taking care of you and your family while you stay home and enjoy life.

      Merry Christmas,
      Mr. Jones

  80. jones
    your problem is not going to change the world or society or anyone in here, it will only add to your personal frustration
    i really dont care if you have a problem or not
    or clarify or not
    youre just one opinion
    do you not get that your problem
    relies with you
    i have read many comments here
    most dont agree with you

    if you have a problem
    deal with it
    but its not going to change or affect anything in this world
    think about it
    your opinion is just that an opinion

    i really dont care if you clarify something or not
    poeple who chose not to work
    dont owe anything to you
    or need to change their lives because of you

    i like you
    but not your opinions

    get passionate about something else
    this is a lost cause
    cant change the world let alone anyone on this jones

  81. jones its not illegal to not have a job or chose not work
    really many work because they have to
    do they want to is the question
    if people could chose
    if they had enough money
    would they work if they didnt have to
    my guess alot would not

  82. jones stop burdening me and anyone else in here with your opinions about the matter
    becuase really jones you are becoming a burdern to me
    i respect your views
    but my gosh
    get over this idea that you are in control of anything other than yourself and your life
    i feel you are trying to condemn anyone who doesnt work or choses not to
    you dont know any situations at all whatsoever

  83. Kathryn, I’m sure Jones isn’t exactly referring to you, but the idea. The idea that anyone that chooses not to work, (not the ones that have no choice) and then expect to have assistance from the government, because they chose not to work. Then a person that can work, but chooses not to work, gets working peoples dollars to keep them happy sitting on their butt at home,doing what they want to do.

    I think that’s what Jones is referring too.

  84. It’s about much more than a simple choice between working or sponging of others. If people choose to work only a little or not at all, there are all sorts of ways to bring down your outgoings so that you can not only survive but have time to do the things you enjoy.

    Should you wish to debate the in and outs of working less and living life more, or simply pick up some tips, try the Idle Foundation forum at

  85. I stumbled across this post and figured that I would leave my $0.02.

    Civilization truly developed when we stopped being hunter gatherers and started raising crops and livestock. And do you know why civilization started there? Idle hands. When people have time to devote to their own passions they can come up with some crazy stuff. As it stands right now a 5 day work week takes up approximately 71% of your life. Thats a big percent. I would like to be able to say that I spend 71% of my time having the time of my life. I put my nose to the grindstone for a while and after being laid off recently I am fed up with the silly cycle we have going on in this country. I want to be at LEAST at a 50/50 ratio of work to leisure time. I just don’t see how people can spend 71% of their time just so that they can enjoy the other 29%.

    • I totally agree . . . I’m so tired of working !

      I don’t think I’m lazy b/c I put myself through grad school and have been working all my life.
      But I’m done. I’m only 50. I don’t see how some folks work till 65.

    • Let’s be realistic, you’re not going to work 50% of the time if you don’t have a schedule to adhere too. It sounds great of course, but it will never happen.

  86. We are all slaves to banks. Modern day slaves. Keep on marching.

  87. YOU might want to work. You might even like work. Hell, you might even wish they’d give you a collar instead of a tie!

    Me? I want a career. I want to enjoy what I do. Unfortunately, I live in America. A place where submissiveness is encouraged and free-thinking isn’t. That shit might be a turn-on in bed, but I’ll submit to society far after I have pillaged it!

    I want to LIVE, not merely exist! This article was NOT the least bit useful to me.

  88. I think you’re just jealous of the fact that a man who hangs out on the street corner, rain or shine, for eight hours a day will make about $20,000/yr more than you will sitting in your cubicle, and he gets more vacation time, too. You seem to think that we “owe” it to society to work our asses off for…for what?

    You wake up at 6am, get the kids ready for school.
    You get ready for work after the kids eat breakfast and leave.
    You go to work and are stuck there doing bullshiat until 4 or 5pm. You commute home. You help the kids with homework. You make dinner. It’s 8pm and now you can relax…for the two hours before bed so you have enough sleep to start again.

    I guess I’m one of the “lazy.” My husband works, and I stay home. During the week, I volunteer at the animal shelter because it’s fun. Handouts? Take ’em if they come. Don’t need welfare, but would take it if I did.

    This lazy-ass got through school working two full-time jobs for six years while being a full-time student. There are twenty-four hours in a day; you do the math. I am DONE with my “debt to society” that you seem to think every able-bodied person owes.

    Have fun doing paperwork. I’ll be chillin’ on my husband’s dime…and he supports my decision! Awesomeness.

  89. Jill,
    I have no problem with your decision to stay home and support your family. That’s a decision that you and your husband can make. Good for you. This is actually a great example. If you decide to stay home and adjust your standard of living–that’s great. If you stay home and then expect others (ie. society) to make up the difference and pay your way then I have a problem with that. We all get to choose and WE ALL NEED TO LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENSES OF OUR CHOICES. THAT’S ALL. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WORK, DON’T WORK BUT DON’T EXPECT OTHERS TO PAY YOUR WAY.

    • Sorry Jill, but I think Jones makes a very valid point in his original discussion. I am expecting in 2 weeks. I will get 3 mos. maternity leave but after that I will be returning to work. My husband makes enough to support us for 3 mos (since we are prepared for it), but that’s it. We do not have a lot of money by any means but we are still over the guidelines for welfare or any other type of assistance.

      I would love to stay home and raise my baby but it is not an option, so it really burns me to see people abuse the system or live off of others. The worst is to hear them say, “Can you help me out because I can’t afford this for my child?” I want to scream, “If I didn’t work I wouldn’t be able to afford it either.”

      Anyway, your situation is different but I had to get that off my chest.

      • If your finantial situation is so bad that you need to return to work so quickly, thats understandable. But don’t be proud of it. Your baby needs you more!

  90. I love what Jill said and almost stood up and cheered – I hated the follow up to it
    don’t expect others to pay ur way – wow I read the bitterness from someone who possibly didn’t
    have anyone helping u out – that’s not my fault
    bottom line – it’s our lives not urs
    not sure why u think any of us will change our lives – we can expect anything we want
    get over it!!!!!
    Jill I too don’t like this idea I owe something to society – thing is I want society defined ?

  91. Kathryn,
    No bitterness, simply tired of watching others do nothing and burden society.

    Maybe it’s equivalent to people on an island trying to survive–think of the TV show LOST. Imagine a group of people working hard to build shelter, hunt and prepare food, gather wood, protect the group, etc. Now picture another group who simply refuse to participate. Instead, they just sit around making demands of others. They have a sense of entitlement–thinking that they have a right to the benefits without any of the work. Sound familiar? If you think this is OK, you’re part of the problem!

    • But what about this picture – the shelter has been build, fitest men are hunting, women are cooking, but a lot of people rolle stones from one place to another – just to be occupied. Working for purpose is not the same as working for system.

  92. OMG! I love your response Jones! Great analogy of what people ought not do. Well said, and if that doesn’t rattle some sense into people that are all about battering the idea of not working or taking care of their own business, and not burdening others with it. Then I don’t know what will, maybe an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, take the conviences of life away, and see how hard a person will work for comfort.

    Right now, it’s too easy for most except in cold states to live off the fat of the land.

    I get what people are saying about not wanting to be a slave to society, but don’t be a burden either. Granted people are losing jobs left and right, and these are people that really want to work and have no choice but to be without a job, and then have to bid against jobs that hundreds of others are bidding for. It’s crummy, and if you don’t have to do it at all, you are one of the lucky people alive! I would hate to be in the position of having to bid on a job, and having lost a long term position, being rejected time after time, has got to be playing havoc with people’s minds. This is a horrible time right now, with job losses, home foreclosures, unemployement, uninsured…did I leave anything out. Homelessness is at an all time high! We have a National Disaster right in this Country! People are focusing on Haiti, but the people of the U.S.A are hurting and have been for a llong time!

    If people can’t do their part to take the burden off that can, then I say shame on you. We are living in a time of economic injury. People are being devastated left and right, and I understand the mind can become so injured from the onslaught of all the craziness. No one taught us how to handle these situations. They kept the rose colored glasses on us all for far too long. This is where “survival of the fittest” comes in…

    Be strong and carry on. If you can afford to not work or have someone that will pay your way, at least find a cause to aide, like the lady that volunteers at an animal shelter, good on you. Animals need to be taken care of, and that is awesome that you volunteer your time, because most people that don’t have to work, wouldn’t even think to do that. Awesome!!!

  93. I know that it’s difficult to find a job — a well-paying job at that. My father has been working the same job for 18 years and he has nothing to show for it. My fiance worked at the same place for seven years and has nothing to show for it. After he lost his job, it took him three months to find another one and that was a blessing. In the meantime, we lived off my income which was never guaranteed because it’s all freelance work. But it does help and I’ve been working hard lately and I’ve found that I can pull in up to $400 a week with hard work and dedication while sitting at home.

    That’s the reason I came to post this comment. I know that I’m almost two years late, but there is a website called Demand Studios that is hiring freelancers (writers, film-makers, copy editors, and title proofers). I’m self-employed with DS as a writer and they pay me twice a week via PayPal. For those of you who are without a job or in between jobs, you should definitely give this site a try. Your earning potential is based on how much you produce…so if you have 5 hours a day and you can write one article per hour, you’ve got yourself $75 right there because most of their articles are worth $15 a piece.

    They are all tutorials (how-to), informative articles, strategy, fact sheets, tip sheets, and more. It’s good to have some sort of educational background and some sort of publications in magazines, books, or online in order to be considered as a writer.

  94. The island example is flawed. THIS is how the real version is; you are on an island, getting food, doing so much hard work and once in a while you have to sacrifice one of your own for the gods (rich people). The sacrifice (life,time,”soul”). The Big Black Smoke monster exists too (government) and it takes all your food, wood and creates a war machine to rape other islands..for the gods.

    Now those people you talk about that don’t want to participate, well they have seen what it’s all about, they know it’s ugly and once in a while the big black monster riles up the island people and blames THE OTHERS ; THEY stole your food,money,etc..THEY started the WAR, THEY are the enemy!! Ohno it couldn’t be the smoky or the gods, have faith and work 40 hours a week!

    And guess where you are Jones? I’m sick of people blaming the poor or even those who have the balls to fight the system by any means necessary

    • I love you. Finally someone with some sense here. I was in the Navy for 4 years and have not had a job since then and I got out in May 2009. Jobs are worthless. Live your life, and if you can’t, fight to change the system. Humans are not meant to slave away until death. What a pointless existence.

  95. ok whats the island
    life is not an episode of lost
    this blog is nothing but opinions
    but the great thing
    none of us are obligated to change or ways based on an opinion
    so bottome line
    its an individual thing
    we cant get arrested for not working
    and if you or anyone doesnt like us not wanting to work
    its your problem not ours
    get over it!!!!!!

  96. Actually if you even bothered to read my post kathryn, you would see i wasn’t blaming you guys for working, i was blaming those who DO WORK. People like Jones who don’t see the bigger picture and take out their frustration on the poor and welfare cases. Work? The island was just an example, and since you are getting so hostile it seems you are the one with the problem:). And getting over it is all what we do, it doesn’t change the problem it’s just giving it to something that is wrong. So no, don’t get over it, do something about it.

  97. I’ve changed my opinion on a lot of issues surrounding people that don’t work. Myself included, as I make a transition in where I work, and what I do for a living. That’s the premise, is what we do to earn a living. We all should do something to earn a living, if we don’t then someone is doing it for us, right??? I mean someone has to support us, feed us, clothe us, put shelter over our head, put food in our mouths, and that money comes from somewhere, or someone, or a bunch of people. It isn’t just falling from the sky…right????

  98. Is this about the government welfare program? Americans can no longer receive government assistance beyond 2 years, I believe former President Clinton put a stop to that. Unless you have a disability (blindness, physical limitations CAUSED by work, etc;) or SS benefits for the elderly. Otherwise those on plain old welfare HAVE to find work once the two years is up. Not a big deal for me, it doesn’t affect how I live my life whatsoever. I’ve personally had to utilize state unemployment benefits in the past from a job loss. I paid for it with my taxes, so I was going to take advantage of it while looking for other work.

    I believe the program in general is too big to put a stop to it and I don’t think Congress (doesn’t matter which side you’re on) can make a decision if their life depended on it to consider removing the program. They’re basically unfunctional at this point in our society due to polarization. Not sure how you fix that. But heck, if I could live self-sufficiently on my own property and learn a skill to sell to the public for a little extra side dough, I wouldn’t work a regular job ever again.

  99. I’ve just found this and I don’t know….Isn’t keeping up a home, the bills, the groceries, transporting people, scheduling appointments, cooking, cleaning, teaching, and generally being available to raise two kids into productive adults considered work? This is what I’ve been doing for the past twenty years (ten of those years I was working outside the home). I am one of those people you hate–on disability and some public assistance, but I also work EVERYDAY at making sure that the two children I’ve had go to school and work. They have both been working since they were sixteen and now one has graduated, the other will graduate this year. Both have jobs, one is already in college and the other headed for it. So don’t try to tell me that “your” money has been wasted.

  100. Awesome I though I was the only one that felt that way now I know I am no the only one! Muhahahahaha….(A)

  101. What a load of shit. What about people who can’t find suitable work? What about people who have been screwed over in every single job they have worked in? Should they feel the thrilling desire to do nothing but give the best years of their life to someone elses’ cause and watch as their boss buys his kids expensive cars while you struggle to keep food on the table?

    Get a clue.

    People who have some irrational desire to work hard from dawn till dusk can get it all done for the rest of us.

  102. I listened to a talk radio show today while driving home from work. They were interviewing unemployed people. One man was bragging about the fact that he had collected unemployment for almost three years. He said that during this time he was not looking for work. He was proud of the fact that he spent most of this time hanging out at home and playing video games. When his unemployment finally ran out he was forced to find a job. I spent some time thinking about him tonight, wondering what his job skills really looked like after 3 years on the couch playing video games? I wonder if he’ll be was able to keep his new job? Seems like he was very short sighted to not spend his time more productively. What a waste of a life. And to add insult to injury, the tax payer paid for him to sit on the couch for three years doing nothing. What a waste of money.

    • Experience is overrated. If you’ve got a brain, two working hands and feet, you’re able. Most of these jobs don’t even require a high school diploma. And the last thing to worry about is what he does with the tax payers money when the gov. is doing much worse. And it might be a waste of life to you, but at least he’s not working himself to death or working for sweat shop money just to fatten the pockets of some overpaid crook. Besides, what’s a waste to you, might not be to someone else. He might not want the luxuries your job afford you. Not everybody is motived by simple things. I know I’m not.

    • I’ve been playing videogames for over 3 years and still don’t feel like I want to get a job. What’s so hard about understanding that not everyone believes they should have to work for a living? Tell you what, remove all the huge corporations, bring back the forests and all the animals and vegetation we’ve destroyed, and I’ll go back to hunting and gathering. It’s people like you who have destroyed life for people like me.

  103. You have created an interesting debate with your original and subsequent posts so I have to applaud you for that Jones.

    What I don’t understand is your ire at people who choose not to work and claim unemployment. Surely it’s their problem if they underutilise themselves, or deprive themselves of the opportunities to improve their skills. It’s survival of the fittest baby, and if you are not willing to work in this society, then unfortunately you are not entitled to the benefits it can provide.

    Yet these benefits are a double edged sword- much of the benefits from working, such as health insurance for example, are often used by people whose health problems are exacerbated by the impact their jobs have on their lifestyle. A vicious cycle, no?

    Even if every unemployed person (who is physically/mentally able) went back to work, do you or any other workers (including myself!) seriously think we’ll pay less tax?

    Of course not. Our respective governments will find new and improved ways of squandering our hard earned money.

    Add to the fact that not everyone has the priviledge of having a job they enjoy. It’s a bit rich telling someone who has quit working in a customer complaints call centre or cleaning up after dead bodies found in appartments, that they are lazy when you have a nice office and a decent canteen and a boss who doesn’t scream at you because you were 31 seconds late from a toilet break.

    I have to work 7 days a week sometimes. But I’m not angry. I’m stupid. In fact I’m far more stupid than the man who got paid to sit on his couch for 3 years.
    Now that’s a job I could handle.

    • “It’s survival of the fittest baby, and if you are not willing to work in this society, then unfortunately you are not entitled to the benefits it can provide.”

      Damn it, where is my whip boy. GET BACK TO WORK! NOW!

  104. Lots of people made some excellent points here.

    I agree with Lindsy…being a housewife does NOT make a woman “lazy”.

    Jones, I’m a housewife too. I have issues that prevent me from working outside the home. However, like Lindsy, I still perform many duties that can be considered work.

    My husband has been an educator for 16 years. I am 13 years younger than he is. We take care of one another. I do not live off of anyone. I’m thankful for the fact that my husband has supported my educational goals, but we both share responsibilities. I’m trying to earn my Bachelor’s degree. I have not worked outside the home since I was 20 years old, unless you count a recent unpaid internship. I’m now 26.

    While he is at work, I do a lot to keep the household running smoothly…I cook, I clean, I run errands, I do laundry, I carry several bags of heavy groceries up to our apartment all by myself without help from anyone.

    And believe me, we aren’t wealthy. We live somewhat comfortably but we are not rich.

    There are quite a few homeless people on the street in front of our apartment complex. I give what little money I have to some of them. Why? Because I see that they are human beings in need of help. It isn’t a handout. Some of these people clearly have problems. There is no way they could ever function in the corporate world.

    It seems really simple to make assumptions about others without understanding that not everyone can pull themselves up by the bootstraps. Some people have real problems and instead of judging them, one should try to be more compassionate. There are lots of seemingly “able-bodied” people with problems that aren’t always obvious.

    As to people who can work but don’t want to…well, that’s their right, isn’t it? It might be upsetting to you, but some people choose to live their lives differently. This doesn’t mean that they are inherently bad or lazy individuals. Some might be, but others might simply find productivity and meaning in other ways.

    BTW…you make some valid points, but I wanted to offer another perspective.

  105. my roommate has been on unemployment for almost 2 years. he got laid off from his last job because he stopped showing up…because he is LAZY. Your not suppsoed to get unemployment if you got fired, I tried to report him but for some reason they let him stay on. He is fully able to work and could get a job if he tried but he is lazy. Its okay though, one day he will pay.

    • Alex your a snitch lol telling on your roommate does he know you ratted him out? Anyway nobody wants to have to work. Everyone even workaholics would like the option to retire today if they could. Why do so many people play the lotto? So they can rich over night and not have to work. Yes if you are not born rich you are forced to work, hustle or steal to make money to survive ( and hustling and stealing is illegal, risky work) . So there is no way around working in some form or another. It isn’t fair but life isn’t fair. Just make the best of it. I don’t hate people who collect welfare or grub off the system I can hardly blame them. The system and the rich exploit and screw the average person over financially way worse than people who are to lazy to work and collect benefits. I hate neither one. I make the best of what hand I was dealt in life and for the most part I am happy. I find by staying healthy, staying single with no kids and working at a decent paying job that is not to stressful and fun at times I enjoy life without complications and hassles. I don’t live above my means in a decent apartment in a nice neighborhood with a car that is not fancy but runs well and has given me hardly no mechanical problems. I don’t not complain nor am I jealous or hate people who are rich and exploit people or people to lazy to work and grub off the system. I mind my own business and do my best to have fun, be happy and enjoy life. Don’t worry about other people just stay focused on you and what makes you happy.

    • It seems like you’re jealous.

    • I thank you for reporting. Big brother is watching and appreciates your efforts, citizen.

  106. get on with living your own life and stop telling other people how to live theirs.

  107. Why do we work. Does anyone here really work for what they wanna work for. I’ve worked my way up from leaving home at 15 and having children very young to now owning my own business and home.
    I go to work every day and ask myself, Is this my purpose in life???
    Me spending my life working as hard as I can, so my children will not have to endure what I have??
    And yet bills keep getting more expensive, regulations are getting tougher and tougher. Am I kidding myself??? will it be any easier for my children???
    I’m supporting a society that doesn’t support what I want.
    We live in a society that is designed upon our own greed. I’m not sure I want to be apart of this society. But what are the other options?

  108. Now this guy knows the score…

    I think you’ll find his lyrics sum up the whole farce of 9-5 work very nicely.

    I highly recommend checking this one too:

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! – think outside the box for a change – there’s far more to life than a 9 to 5 job,

  109. Well after graduating with a good degree from university (which proves in I can and have worked very hard…) I found it difficult to “get a job”, sorely lacking in experience, and yes I did have to go on “benefits” during that time. However, I was not some lazy bastard who doesn’t want to work, I was applying for hundreds of jobs and attending interviews. Not only that, but when you do get a job, you have to pay back what you claimed in benefits anyway! So it’s not as if “other people” are paying for you at all. Now I have a job, not my ideal one, it is a 9-5 type job and dead boring and stressful. But doing it proves I am not workshy. But it has made me realise you are a sucker to work for other people/companies, the best thing to do is become a self-made man, make your own living, working for yourself, setting up a business, or being a freelance.
    Try out this link:
    Sums up exactly what I think!
    Oh yeah, and before you judge the link by its title, READ the bloody article.

    • Im starting to wonder – why are you paying taxes at all in USA? You are paying for your health care, you are paying your unemployment benefits back, mothers don’t get any help after having a baby… What is left for government? Police and firefighters?

  110. It’s sad our country is in such bad shape, wasting limited resources, that people have to rely on begging, or these benefit programs, instead of our nation creating opportunities for jobs and job security.

    Lobby in your district to make begging for money in public Illegal, like mine. When you have bums sleeping around the block under the bridge, creepy people standing in the street almost getting hit by cars waiting in the middle of the street (green light!) right off the highway, it is bad for the whole community, is dangerous for them self and everyone (having strangers that might be deranged killers knocking on your window when you wait for a red light), detracts the value of the whole neighborhood…

    People in communities with shared values can live the way they want. And people who brake the laws of a community belong in prison! (Beggars sleeping on trains smelling up the whole train car detracts the value of tax supported subways. It’s not free housing, it’s for getting from point a to b!). And of course if someone is mentally challenged etc, they don’t belong in the middle of the street!

    • Instead of looking down upon them, try helping them. A job stands for JUST OVER BROKE, so you could be in there shoes too.

  111. I don’t want to work because it’s too damn long.

    I don’t want to work because I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning just to look at people like you for 9 hours.

    I don’t want to work because I don’t want to make the “man” more money than he’s giving me.

    I don’t want to work because I like my own space, at my own home.

    I don’t want to work because the incentives aren’t good enough. I’m nobody’s father so do I really have to? And 90% of my earnings is going to bills and taxes.

    I don’t want to work because the job isn’t what I want but what society tells me I need because otherwise I’m lazy.

    I don’t want to work because nobody is trying to give me the job I want. Nobody asked what I wanted, right?

    I could go on and on, but to put in it the most simplest form, I don’t wan to work.

    And I don’t care if it makes me look lazy … I’ve got no one to impress. I’ve quality that i’ve always admired.

  112. Most people are UNABLE to work because they are UNABLE to get hired! Be it from no GED/HSD/mental breakdown/piss poor job market or being an ex con or any combination and many other possibilities Its not so easy to lump it as jeez I want to drink and roll in my piss all day and focus on growing this nifty beard.

    People who don’t WANT to work is ALMOST EVERYONE. Do you really think that guy at radioshack gets his jollies trying to pawn off extended warranties and answering questions like which way do the batteries go-where do batteries come from – are robot pups for or against the lord and savior GAWD – do they have souls? 8 hours a day?

    NO! They do it because they want to eat, have heating in cold ass winter and cooling and hot ass summer and for luxuries to make life a bit more bearable. The people who don’t want to work and don’t work are what we called PRIVILIGED. Rich mommies and daddies who by good fortune or much labor were able to breed and fully support offspring who put their comfort first (sort of a dick move but we all like comfort so no judgement really)

    That is most people for you. The ones who do enjoy working are people who have careers that they feel makes a difference — such as science/emt’s/ firefighters/cops (power kicks are nice)/ military (for enacting that I could just kill….instinct w/o problems if your the faster one) (or downright lucky jobs like porn, breast examiner, pot tester for the emperor, wine/food critic).

  113. I don’t work. not because i’m lazy. but because i see no point to it. i don’t have kids no responsibilities and i like it that way. i rip cent-relink off for as long as i can. then ill probably live on the street and die slowly. not because i don’t wanna work. but i don’t see a point. possessions don’t make me happy nothing does. so why work and waste my life making rich people richer.

  114. Hi, sorry but this seems ignorant.

    Just because I was born doesn’t mean i have to contribute to society by selling my time.

    I didn’t ask to be given that responsibiliy, i don’t want it, and essentially i don’t want to live in this world.

    I’m on jobseekers benefit and in no way happy or giving the middle finger to hard-working people, i just purely do not wish to anything but sleep. I hate the outside world and i wish I could just not exist.

    Do you still hate me? Probably, there’s no sympathy for me, most people are ignorant to my miserable existence, this is how things like The Columbine Massacre happen.

  115. Do you understand that no matter what, you will always be paying in some way for those people whom “don’t want to work” in order for them to carry on with their own lives?
    What you’ve written is a claim that all of the poverty is a result of people not wanting to work. Did it ever occur to you that those people whom ask for support and money are working? Have families to support? Maybe the jobs they’re working don’t pay them enough to support their lifestyles.
    At this point, you may be thinking, well have them go to college, get a degree in something and maybe they won’t be asking people for help.. If everyone went to college, got a degree, and went to work, then who does that leave to run the drive thru at McDonalds? Who does that leave to be janitors? Who does that leave to collect your garbage, check out your groceries, work in factories that package your food, produce furniture, waitress tables, live everyday lives like you and me?
    I can tell you this, I didn’t pay 250,000 dollars to get a degree to wash dishes down the street at a local diner. I didn’t spend 10 years studying microbiology and medicine only to end up picking up garbage from houses for the rest of my life.
    Does it make me mad to see some people get benefits from the government? Sometimes, yes. However, I understand the struggles some people face. I look at my accomplishments as an individual with gratefulness. The opportunities I have been given and everything I’ve done with my life have made everything worthwhile. I can honestly say, donating money, helping others when in need, and giving support to people who are in greater need of it than me is such an honorable feeling.
    Complaining about the lives of others isn’t going to fix anything. If you want change, maybe you should put yourself in their shoes. Try dressing like a homeless person, go beg for money, live on the streets for a few days. See how hard it is to pull yourself up by your bootstraps then.

    • Polymerase I,
      You seem to have missed my point completely so I’ll say it again–please listen carefully.


      That is the essence of all that I’m saying. Please don’t make it more complicated because it is not.

      Mr. Jones

  116. Interesting conversation. Thanks for all your input guys.

    I myself after graduation started hating the capitalist and unfair realities out there. This was partly because of my frustration with finding a job and then mostly because the oil spill happened – but as of now, I think those were just excuses.

    My brain has to think and achieve realistic goals. Any time in any space of this worldly life we are going to find unideal situations. Our country goes to war, inflation/interest, alcoholics and druggies straining the health system. Yes, I am here and I feel I am an slave.

    The solution in terms of work is to have a solid business plan that would help me eat; however, until I have that plan I have to live in a clean environment and have food without debasing myself by begging.

    So I think the fact that I am working now is good.

    Does that mean I agree with everything? no. I am especially against a centralized government system as I believe too much power is dangerous. We need more distributed and smaller societies. Also, I do not think for an epsilon of a second that I should pay the same amount of tax as the people who contribute to Alcohol purchase in billions per yer.

    I also happen to think that a basketball player earning 2500 plus an hour should not be able to do so, because a hard worker earns only 12.

    My spiritual friend who is a psychologist for 23 yrs in Canada said that people should get 25 – 200 per hr and the cap should be that 200. Otherwise, we are devoured by greed and too much money.

    So I am not going to vote- no. I do not believe that politics right now is changing things dramatically.

    I am also going to use natural medicine. Eat more healthy and so far I did not see any need for emergency (i am on contract – no health insurance yet)

    The going is tough everyday and I just go to be able to put food in my mouth, may be help friends and family.

    Any other solutions?


  118. People don’t want to get jobs because they are lazy? That’s strange, because i’ve met the most laziest people on my job, who were doing absolutely nothing except showing up, and collecting their paychecks every two weeks.

  119. People don’t want to work, because they are tired of working. I know that I am. And because of the hard times on jobs, like supervisors being unfair and messy co workers. That is the reasons why people don’t like to work.

    • People don’t want to work because they are lazy. I don’t feel like getting up and working tomorrow, but I am going to do it because I have a wife to feed and I don’t want to be a leach on society.

  120. People don’t want to work because “getting a job is a full-time job.” Heard that one before? It only pays if you’re chosen.

  121. Thanks Jones, for having created this blog. It’s interesting to read, seeing all the viewpoints from all walks of life. I’ve been in many “shoes” employed, unempolyed, insured, uninsured, car less, to automotive. It is quite the dichotomy.

    In my quest for life’s fullfillment: I went on many a long road, and pondering the purpose of life, and what my role in this humongous place was. Coming through many doubts and questions unanswered, I have gained much in education, experience, and believe absolutely, that every single one of us in this life, serves a purpose. However varied, it is all purposeful, and watch my own life unfold effortlessly at this point in time.

    There is a key! It is called “Believing in Something that you are Passionate about.” True, there are times we have to mush through circumstance untill we reach that pivotal moment in our mind, but once we are certain, and then we follow that passion, then the rest happens. As long as we continue to pursue vigilantly. In addition, not taking from others or hurting others, as that will always have negative consequences.

    My view of others that don’t work: People go through all kinds of events, and have to muddle through till they reach a point that they want to make a difference, if not for themselves, then for others, and when they do that they find peace. I’m not saying that I don’t find struggles or irritating moments in my daily life, but I do try to make a difference eveyday. I’ve been on the road of nonthingness before, and being in the somethingness, has rocked my world! It’s a challenge, and at times very fun, and other times, frustrating. I would not trade my life now for anything in the world. I am doing what I am Passionate about! That Rocks!!! Everyone that is in the stasis mode, I believe will venture out of it, but for now it is what it is. When they reach the breaking point, they will change their lives. If for others that are unable to function without assistance, I am glad that there is assistance that is offerred to them. If it’s the homeless man on the street that is asking for a dollar, or whatever at the corner, I might not always be the one to give the handout, but glad that someone does. For the unisured that really need to be seen, I am glad that our country is not allowed to turn anyone away if they go to the ER, but realize that if you are very ill, and need to seek “Healthcare” don’t hesitate to utilize these services, because your life and your quality of life depend on it. For those that some feel abuse the system, it is useless to fight it, if someone is truly in a life or death situation, the ER always triages everyone that comes through that door, and believe me, they know who those individuals are and won’t make that person wait hours. If you are coming in for a runny nose, or toothache, that person needs to ask themselves, “how long have I had this problem?” As there are County Health Clinics that go by a “Sliding Scale” for those that don’t have money or little money, I’ve utilized these services, and found the County Health Care to be amazing! For some, it is choices made, and others, the lack of knowledge of services offerred.

    Look at history, see what people have done with their time, and think; what if these people never found their passion~drive~ambition???? Where would we be now?

  122. I’m 35 and terminally ill with skin cancer which has spread – because I have deliberately refused treatment for anything except the pain. I worked for 10 years. I am highly qualified and have a degree, yet, in that ten years, I never got promoted beyond menial pen-pusher because I have a poor stomach for corporate bullshit and will not parrot the company line to get promoted. I don’t blame people at all who don’t want to work simply to make others rich while they get paid a pittance.
    There are many reasons that I do not want to work. Laziness is not one of them. Furthermore, holidays, meals out, etc, are no compensation for spending most of one’s waking hours working.
    I saw through the bullshit very early, and when the cancer came, I regard it as a blessing. People who work are nothing but slaves to the rich. Death will free me.

  123. For a full list of reasons why I am letting myself die rather than work, see this link. It isn’t my site, but I could not have put it better myself.

  124. Hey Jones, I totally agree with you.
    What I believe, is that its actually the government polices which have made people so indolent. They government shouls actually be careful as to where actually the state benefits are going-who actually deserves them.
    Apparently, there have been mammoth crisis in the UK, regarding unemployment and inflation. The question arises are these crisis only for the government or are they also considered by the local economy of the country. Well, most of the people actually just enjoy staying at home and relaxing, why do they need to work when they get everything at home doing nothing.
    I urge the government to take appropraite steps to iliminate the wrongful use of the state’s benefits.

  125. You are all being very silly and not very practical. All everyone wants to do is watch TV, get high, and make love, in that order. As ou would expect as America Ages…..mostly they just want to watcvh TV and take a shower by noon or sooooo…….

    For anyone to think anything else about mankind is moronic. All that other crap is only in books, education goals, and young teachers eyes.

    It is only through discipline, hard work, and serious threats of bodily injury that anyone unemployed or on state funds will ever do anything.

  126. I have to add my two cents. I am 39 years old, pretty much able bodied, I worked in a factory for 18 years, then got laid off, and for the last 3 years have been unable to get a full time job and am now living with my mom. I am miserable. I want my own place again, but I can’t get any decent jobs. People might think i’m lazy, but I did work a very physical job for 18 years, I also was a housekeeper for a year and cleaning is one of the most physical jobs you can do. I am not lazy.

    How do you know those beggars haven’t been trying to find a job? Maybe they can’t afford the internet or a computer to search for jobs. Maybe they have nowhere to take a shower and nobody will hire them looking like that. Maybe they have mental issues that they can’t get diagnosed because they have no health insurance or money to see a doctor. Maybe they don’t have any family or anyone who loves them. Maybe they are depressed, and let me tell you that saps your energy just as bad as being physically sick or disabled. I am not talking about those who use scams to get free money, just these unemployed beggars you see on the street, or who live with their parents.

    I appear lazy because I am depressed and hate life because of this situation I’m in, yet I can’t dig myself out of this hole because every day things happen to knock me down further, and the more depressed I get, the more I am unable to do some things. I have always had low self esteem, but now it’s so low it’s in the negative. I hate being around people, I get agitated and stressed very easily. I am not “happy” unless I’m alone. I do have a job but it’s demeaning and stressful, it’s hurting me more than it’s helping me, I still can’t afford to move out, and my mental and physical health is failing.

    I cant get school loans because I am not a minority, have no kids, am single, and have no disabilities (unless I am mentally sick, I wouldn’t know because I have no insurance and can’t afford a $100-an hour therapist visit!) I also have trouble choosing a career because of my social problems, I can’t make decisions, I have a phone phobia, and I also can’t work mornings because I think I have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. So I can pretty much only work in the afternoon, evenings, or overnight, I can’t do anything involving customers or talking on the phone, and I’m not real smart so I need something almost anyone can do. This narrows it down a lot. And with this bad economy, that is a horrible combination.

  127. Hi Mr Jones,

    –Is this because you feel it is unfair?(for the slackers to gain benefits of you/me?)
    Unfair that you use a pc( or mac) that was created by ripping off
    some poor kid in the world(preferably not in the U.S.)…Food, Arms,
    , war, whatever , we are ripping off other people just by existing.

    — I personally don’t care who does what work if we are all happier.
    — Being “Fair” does not equal being “good”.

    Would you be happier If some guy who is a slacker dies out of
    I guess you and I will respond to this question with a
    “No, but…..”

    • Replying to myself.

      Everything dies.
      We all return to being just a bunch of disassembled atoms.
      Even if “the slacker” gains some benefits off our work,
      in the end, we lose everything we borrowed from the
      world in the first place, including our ability and zest to
      work for others.

      So, no need to complain.

      If there is such a thing as an afterlife,
      Does it matter if we did these slackers a little

      You’ll be living in a different world for the rest of the
      million years during the time you are physically dead
      anyway, so who cares?

      If you believe in god,
      -you know, maybe they are there to test your faith,
      and to educate you (and me) on how to be kind and loving,
      to be able to sacrifice ourselves unconditionally to others.

      Okay, enough’s enough
      Just forget everything.

      Nobody deserves the consequence of being born in a
      crazy world. given a bad upbringing/education/philosophy
      and ultimately a bad working habit.

      Just maybe, if that slacker was brought up by your parents,
      he wouldn’t be such a slacker; he would might have had enough
      goodness in himself to start working if you offered him a job.

      Maybe you were lucky that you were not born in some mafia

      …but at some point we have to cut off these unlucky? guys that
      fail to develop a good work ethic, To save our own lives,our children,
      to buy that smartphone created using low wage suicidal workers.
      To feel more worthy of happiness than others.
      That’s whats inside us deep down, right?

      That’s the real world.
      That’s the real world.


    • Anonymous, I really liked your global perspective. So many in the US judge, judge, judge, while conveniently ignoring the dark underbelly of their supposedly “noble” hard work and corporate efforts: overseas cheap labor, environmental degradation, etc. etc.

  128. No one should HAVE to “work” in order to survive. Why work for pennies and make someone else rich??? People say retail jobs are for teenagers and people who didn’t go to college. Even if you do go to college and get a job, your trading 5 days of slavery for 2 days of freedom, something is not right about that. You are just a slave to your job no matter which way you want to look at it, kid yourself all you want with “I get bonuses and raises” because at the end of the day, you STILL working for pennies and making the company your working for rich. It’s not fair. In today’s economy a “good” job, (which is better than retail but still slavery just glorified), isn’t guaranteed after college. I have a friend who went to a 4 year college and works at coffee bean. I did not go to college and I can easily work there, the difference is he is in mad debt and has nothing to show for it but a peice of paper. You may think this person is just lazy but he gave it his all to get a job after college and the same goes for many many others. The problem is these people with degrees are all taking the normal everyday people jobs cuz the companies would rather hire people with degrees than not. This is why the normal everyday people are having a hard time finding normal everyday jobs and the reason why so many are on unemployment. We were meant to use action to enjoy our lives not always be preparing for it but barley get a chance to really live it.

  129. Work is doing stuff you don’t want to do to make someone who doesn’t care about you wealthier. You are the guy at top’s bitch, you do all the nasty, awful, boring crap so he can enjoy all the fruits, benefits and wealth, he gets 1000x more than you and you make it all happen, you do it for him. How is it “heroic” to participate in that?

  130. There’s just too many pointless jobs. Pretty much all corporations are using you as their servants. I worked on a farm for a year and a half and it was the greatest experienced. It was really hard work and we got paid way below minimum, but we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted. We set our own scheldule and we all loved what we were doing. Getting a job means putting up with a lot of bull, unless you set the standards, not the employer.

  131. It’s one thing to look for a job and not be able to find it. It’s another to blatantly be a lazy piece of crap and just steal(that’s what you people are doing) from people that do work all day and just take government money. I don’t feel like going to work every day, but I do it because it is what is right. Hopefully they start putting more requirements and regulations on government HANDOUTS. You people in here saying you just don’t feel like working are the ones that make it hard for us to believe it when someone actually does need it. Disgusting.

    I am going to bed now. I have to get up and work in the morning so I can pay for you to be a bunch of leaches. I do enjoy getting on my bank account though and seeing a positive figure and know if I want something, I can go get it.

  132. Alright Instead of asking’ people will kill you and just get forced assisted suicide by police.

    One life’ how you play it should be no matter

  133. Well I, for one, am so sick and tired of these kind of ignorant statements everywhere on the internet, OMG, somebody tried to bum money from you, what a crisis, better go make a big stink about it where nobody can see you, eh?

    Hey did you know that many welfare programs actually require the recipients to be employed? Tens of millions of Americans recieve welfare and a great many are employed. The reason they still need help is because of people like this very assumptive and assinie person here.

    You do know maybe these 2 guys you ran into were in fact employed, and yet still broke because PEOPLE LIKE YOU are too unwilling to part with your money you “hard-earned” pushing a pencil behind a desk while your real workers are out slaving away for peanuts.

    People like you make me sick and are a utter disgrace to our great nation.

  134. I do not believe the unemployment figuires are correct. I believe that around 5 percent of the population of able workers do not work because they do not want too. I do not think they figuire in the people who were arrested and lost their jobs or the people who went to prison. and also those people who are recently discharged the the armed forces each month are probably added too. I think something needs to be done to get the correct figuires . Having worked in the criminal justice system and ten years working in a County Work Release I know first hand that there was a good percentage of inmates who do not want to work. There were times we had more not working then working. and if they did work once their sentence was over most of them quit there jobs.

  135. I haven’t read anyone else’s comments on this issue, only the title… I can tell you from experience that growing up my father was forced to keep a job making only $200 a week supporting a family of 4 due to the health conditions of my mother… She could not get private health insurance so she had to go on medicaid… I can see how some people would be better off to not work if they’re health is bad enough that they need health care and can’t afford to pay private insurance, relying on Medicare or Medicaid… I think if the entire country had government appointed Medical insurance there would be more people willing to take the low pay and actually work… It easily could be funded by taking 10 percent of everyones income to do so… That would be cheaper than paying regular private insurance for the majority of Americans… I don’t buy the excuse that health care quality would go down in this case, I think there are scientist that are looking for cures for more reasons than money…

  136. There are tons of responses here. Some hate to work. Some (fewer) like their work. Let’s face it, though, not everyone is going to find the job that they like and that’s always going to make for a sad state of affairs. Every one of us has a reason for either wanting to work or not. For most, the bottom line is food and shelter. For most, I’d venture to say that in order to live the life they want, work is required, and the majority would feel that having that schedule (8-4, 9-5, etc;), be it monotonous or not, infringes on the capabilities of doing what they want – fishing, hunting, surfing, watching tv, whatever), but we do it anyway.

    The article mentions those people “who appear to be healthy enough to work”. But it totally misses some of the points made in the comments: Those who suffer from mental illness, those who suffer a true disability, those who suffer from ADD / ADHD. These people will always be the exception to a “working” member of society. Additionally, those people who are fully engaged in caring for an ill parent or child, or mothers or fathers who have chosen (and can afford to) to be a full time parent. These are people whose job, while maybe not earning a paycheck, is just as important as those hitting the grindstone every day, more times than not doing work that is much harder than some paying jobs.

    Some posts here make mention of the economy forcing them out of jobs. That’s a vital factor: Corporations that downsize, shift jobs to other locations, or even go belly up (whether due to mismanagement or a lack of good business sense) kill the jobs. Those hit hard by these circumstances are forced to reevaluate how to move forward (or at best, simply survive). That may mean spending 40-60 hours hunting for that next job. It may mean changing the lifestyle. It may mean leaning on support systems TEMPORARILY. Unemployment is supposed to work as a hand up, not a hand out.

    But when those who have been victims of these types of situations, then decide to “go party” or simply take the money from the state / government without seriously trying to make an effort to find other work, they then become the “Takers” and we, who are able to and do work, become those who support those who don’t or won’t. The statements by commenters here that they don’t feel that they can or would or should enable those who won’t or don’t want to do their part, are justifiable. I think that all us who are willing to help out those in real need, be it time and effort or money or food or whatever, will do so because most of us either have had to go through hard times or know someone else that has. We’re happy to be able to help when we can and glad that we can assist because of our own situations.

    I believe that each of us needs to be responsible for our own lives. There are comments here that suggest that if no one wanted to work and decided not to, where would everyone be then? There are comments about communal environments, where everyone seems to be doing fine – but without work, where would those gardens to feed everyone else come from? Where would the firewood be collected for the fires? If you’re capable of being free and doing whatever you like, without relying on others to provide that capability, then fine and good. When you’re simply not willing to take that responsibility and be a functional member of the whole, then the whole never really truly becomes a whole, it’s a fragmented and disjointed assembly of parts.

    Some of the posts in the comments mention balance. Key point. While there are going to be people who hate their jobs, and believe that working robs them of their freedoms to do what they want, there are some who can work 40 hours (or more) and still enjoy the freedoms.
    I personally put in my 40 hours + a week, and I still am able to spend my free time doing things I enjoy. My spouse “works” at assisting the elderly parents – which is pretty much a thankless position and extremely taxing at times. Hard, hard work.

    Bottom line: Work is hard, whether you like your job or not. It infringes upon our ability to do more of what we want and sometimes robs of us our sanity, our self-worth, and can anger us to a point of total frustration. It can be that which saps our strength and kills our motivation. It can be thought a waste of time and energy. It can, though, also provide us a means to an end. It can give us a purpose or serve a purpose, whatever that happens to be to you as an individual. It can provide food or shelter or both. It can be something we choose to do or it is something we have to do to simply survive. I, for one, choose to keep working in order to not become a burden to someone else. I would like to continue to enjoy the remainder of my life after retirement and not have to rely on some government (state or federal) assistance. I’ve worked for the better part of my adult life and some jobs truly sucked. But ensuring that my family had food, a place to live, and medical attention when needed, were more important than how bad the job(s) were at the time.
    After many years of doing what was needed, I did find a job where I’m happy to put in the time and still be able to go to a movie, have a dinner out once in a while, work on projects I want to, sit on my butt and do nothing all weekend if I choose to, enjoy friends when I can, participate in things I want to be a part of, and I’m truly grateful to have a job. In this economy, that’s pretty bitchin’.

    • I had a near death experience once. I kept thinking “I wish I hadn’t been so afraid ” and “I wish I had more fun with my loving husband.”

      But I’m alive and I’m still afraid of poverty so I work. I just don’t know how to get out.

  137. Wow, there are so many comments covering so many different perspectives of this topic that anything I would have to say has already been said. In fact I usually don’t even leave comments on things I read on the internet because most of the time it just is not worth it, but this sort of resonates with me right now so I’m going with it.

    Here’s what I do know:

    Believe it or not, both sides of the argument have valid points. In equal number no less. Yes there are those that are more than capable of working but choose not to and expect others to take care of them. This is what we call “abuse of the system”. Yes there are those that society just decides to screw over (well qualified individuals that can’t find a decent paying job due to employers over-scrutinizing every little detail on an application or gap in prior employment). This is what we call “abuse BY the system”. I hate to burst bubbles, but neither of these things is going to go away unless everyone in the country that is sick of them actually ACTIVELY does something about them.

    Here’s another thing I know:

    For those that think it is as simple as just going out and getting a job somewhere, when you’ve got people that are being “abused BY the system”, let me put it to you this way: A person can control whether or not they apply for and follow up on a job, but that is where the control ends. After that the control rests with the guy doing the hiring.

    The reality is, the only jobs that hire quickly are the ones that aren’t worth having and by that I mean they only pay minimum wage, only hire part-time and your boss only sees you as a nonhuman, expendable tool. Speaking from experience, when this is the only type of employment you can find, you might as well be working for free.

    Anyways, that is my two cents and I hope it makes some sort of sense because it is almost 4:30 A.M and I’m pretty tired right now, lol.

  138. Just found this thread. Just curious, so a question to those of you who are physically and mentally able but do not want to work to earn money and receive a government check. There are many definitions of work, but do you “work” at all? Do you volunteer, put forth an effort to help others? Do you offer to drive someone to the doctor, read to sick children or help tutor people, do you offer to shovel snow, organize a walk-a-thon, volunteer at a hospice, pick up litter…do you volunteer your time and efforts? Do you work for yourself? Do you clean a disabled person’s house? Plant a garden and work it? Do you give back to others? I am not being sarcastic at all, just curious, because many of you are intelligent, very intelligent, and could give back to those who choose to work for the man and pay taxes but are having a tough time otherwise. Is that kind of work important to you?

    Defining “work”: work [wurk] Show IPA noun, adjective, verb, worked or ( Archaic , except for 29, 31, 34 ) wrought; working.
    1.exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil.
    2.something on which exertion or labor is expended; a task or undertaking: The students finished their work in class.
    3.productive or operative activity.
    4.employment, as in some form of industry, especially as a means of earning one’s livelihood: to look for work.’s place of employment: Don’t phone him at work.

  139. I’m so sorry, but its actually none of your bussines if someone works or not. I personally don’t believe it has to do with the fact that people don’t want to work because they are ‘lazy’. Any human being wants to be productive, its in their nature. I think it could be because they are suffering from low self esteem, or depression, or maybe they think they are entitled to welfare for some kind of personal reason or maybe they are just lost in life. You don’t have a right to judge anyone untill you stepped into their shoes. It looks like you think its so unfair that your working a job you hate while others don’t. If you were passionate about your job, you wouldn’t even call it work and pay attention to people who don’t ‘work’ because you are busy making money with passion. Im out of work currently and it sucks! Hearing no on a constant can really kick someone’s confidence down. I know how it feels to be judged by others so thats why when i have a job again, i will have more empathy for the man begging for  money on the street. You dont know anyone’s story so i have a lesson for you; stop feeling superior because u ‘work’ . At the end we are all human beings with flaws including you!

  140. This article EXACTLY describes the renter in the downstairs of my house who I am now having to evict. I need renters to help me make the mortgage since my income took a dive in 2009. I told him he could only rent from me if he had a stable source of income. This guy is 49 and has never held a job longer than 3 years. He is a con artist, opportunist, and predator. When he does work, it’s clear he has massive problems with authority and will quit for the most ridiculous reasons. Last job he quit was because “someone hurt his feelings.” He is a child in a 49 year old body. There is nothing physically wrong with him, he is intelligent and educated, he has skills but he has a grossly inflated view of himself and is now so broke he is stealing petty household items from me while *I* go to to my career every day and earn the money to put a roof over my own head and feed myself. He plays on his computer and watches movies all day. He uses online dating to find women who drive over, pick him up, and take him out on dates. The supply never ends of dates willing to spend their own earned income to bring him food, drive him around on errands, so what is his motivation to be productive in society? NONE. He has learned that he can be enough of a charming sociopath to get people to constantly enable his lifestyle. But Not from me anymore. I had to lock up the toilet paper because he won’t even earn enough money to wipe his own ass! I wish I was kidding. Our society needs to recognize this is NOT help, this is enabling someone to just keep being a leech until he is forced to feel the consequences of his choices. Highly likely he needs mental health help to hold a job but he will never seek it if no one puts their foot down and says, enough!! I think he represents an extremely small % of society that really is sociopathic enough to think everyone owes him. Anyone who gives him a handout is simply delaying him getting real psychiatric help. He better hope he cons women out of enough money to keep dying his hair because I don’t think this scam will still work when he’s 80. Unless he can drive her car at night.

  141. Do what you love to do, and you wont have to work one single day of your life! I guess, the reason why some people dont want to work is because work would simply turn their life into an endless prison, because they dont like what they do. Now the question is, out of the 7 billion people on this planet, how many do really consider a job as ideal, to be willing to spend 8 hours per day from their lives (which is practically the 1/3 of their adult life)?
    I guess if a teacher likes to teach, he would teach more than 8 hours per day, until his body needed a break, and then go back to what he loves. Same with a surgeon, a lawyer etc.
    But what happens with those people who really hate waking up in the morning to go to a 9-5 job, just to be able to pay their rent, their bills and be autonomous?
    But thats the rule of society, so you have to follow, otherwise you either end up starving or homeless in the middle of winter.
    I personally changed 6 jobs, every job was like a torture to me, then i became 26 and got y 7th job which i have until today (i am 35 years old). I feel trapped in this job, i hate it when my alarm clock rings every morninig, when i go into my office and when i think that holidays are still far away. I ended up taking antidepressants and antistress pills, to get me through another day. But i am an adult and have to act like one, so i go on, putting a smile on my face every morning, going to the same job, to earn the money that pays my bills, and waiting for the minute my shift is over to go back to my house, my family, my friends, my hobbies etc.
    But after almost a decade, im thinking…is it really worth it? Spending 1/3 of my life in something i hate, taking pills for years to face the day and waiting to be retired when i still have 30 years ahead of me?
    It just doesnt seem right. But begging for money on the street is a no-go! Either you follow the system and become a robot to live, or you just die out of hunger.
    Im only wondering, if i died tomorrow, what would i be thinking during the last minutes of my life? that i spent most of my time as a ”prisoner”?

  142. I’ve read many of the replies to this entry and many people are saying they’re not working because they don’t want to. Are they all single and living with their parents or someone else?

    Without an income, how can they pay possibly for rent, food, clothes, entertainment? Does a family member give them free money to spend? Who pays for their credit card bills? They don’t want to build up their savings for the future? What happens after their parents die? Who’s going to pay for the stuff aforementionetd? I don’t mean luxury items or expensive electronics, but just food, clothing, and shelter. What happens if they have a health problem? How are they going to pay for their hospital stay or medicine? Don’t these people consider the future?

    • The answer to all your questions is ‘no.’ They only think of tgeir next con – that is their job.

    • Well, I had friends who lived in car, didnt pay bills and hid for a living, mooched off me and anyone else, or stayed in a lousy marriage as alternatives to working. Saying I was ‘commitment phobic”, “indecisive “, “avoiding a social life ” for starting several businesses ….. And had no plan for MY future, while she drank coffee all day chastising otgers who worked and paid her EBT food stamps, yet were jealous of her meager passive income of welfare wages. NUTCASES answers your question .

  143. Working sucks and freeloaders suck even more. Unfortunately, life gives us both of those things to deal with. Just get over it and learn how to be happy with what life deals you. There are other things to be happy and grateful for. Just focus on those things. I know it’s hard sometimes.

  144. I’m 23 but look 16. I can’t work, I’m on SSI for mental disability. Ever thought that these two men are on SSI too? Have a heart! You insensitive twat!

  145. Hit the nail of the head , or bum in this case. Your description of welfare recipients, law suit scammers, and insurance con artists – add to this marriage seekers who suddenly find love when they hate their job or have to get one – describes every female who used to be in my life. Gone and Sooo not missed. Misery mongers who never got their own lives yet somehow twist my doing literally 30 income sources into something bad …. Psych 101 tells me they are twisted , rationalizing nutcases … And lazy nutcases at that who are going nowhere by their own direction . See ya later while I learn, grow, experience life – and create a life .

  146. Hmm. Well I’m not offended, but I am surprised to see that anyone thinks simply having a job contributes to society somehow. People employed by the tobacco industry are complicit in the deaths of millions. This is true of many industries.

    Not all jobs are created equal, and for the jobs that are not cashing in on killing, many of those are pointless jobs that serve only to meet phony consumer “needs” and to fuel fads.

    What about professional poker players, or athletes? They’re not exactly building bridges and saving whales, but they’re perfectly self-sufficient.

    I agree that beggars suck, but your rationale is BS. The point of having a job is not to be a productive member of society. It is to get a paycheck so that you are not dependent upon the good will of others.

  147. I think that there are many reasons why people can’t or won’t work. It might be drug addiction, mental illness, criminal record, physical limitations…etc… There is strength in a country that cares for the weaker parts. Now, I know most of you conservatives and capitalists are hard core Christians or claim to be, so can you imagine what the streets would look like with no medicade, disability, food stamps, cash assistance? That would cause great desperation in communities across the nation. You will probably get robbed going on your morning jog. People who could not afford to get their children’s medication will kill, beg, borrow, and steal. It might be, but for real, it would cause a lot more problems that just “wasting” a few tax dollar on “worthless” or “lazy” people. I think crime rates would go up, deaths rates would go up not just because of deaths due to violence but because of the lack of medical availability, children will starve and die because of their parents lack of education and income. America will look worst than some parts of the most proverty stricken slums of thrid world countries, but that will teach those lazy “bums” a lesson. Lets create a world where education and economic success is hard reaching if you have happened to been blessed with a poor family and let’s create a world where loved ones watch as their children die from simple illnesses that could have been cured if they would have had that insurance or a job that offered it. Lol you people are something else…..#shakingmyhead

  148. 1. My jobs doesn’t pay enough. There’s no point in going.
    2. I’m working 80 hours a week and have only one room.
    3. SSI pays better, I can leave my abusive husband and drug myself to death happier.
    4. My employer is abusing me.
    5. My work culture is abrasive and offends me. I’m being controlled. 6. I’m not allowed to study and complete my education, they want me to have respect sex in a church by force instead of the right to pick and choose.
    7. I have no rights when I do and have just as many when I don’t go. There’s really no difference.
    8. I get no raises – this organization doesn’t offer advancement and promises a lot at time of hire but offers dog shit.
    9. I’m being forced into religion at work.
    10. My employer feels we are a family and should learn to get along and won’t GET OFF OF ME.
    11. I’m an IT contractor – see my check is cut off when there’s 20 minutes of “no work” and I’m using a paper cup that should be washed with bleach and reused.
    12. I have to get 10 more certificates to make the 50,000 that I made six years ago. They’re not “giving out free money” anymore and these were things that we should have been grateful for.
    13. They’re choosing my father – sex partner and GOD. They’re MAKING ME go with HIM and do whatever he wants me to or I’ll be FIRED!!!!
    14. I rolled my eyes at my boss and she chased me in her truck and attempted to run me over. I hurt her feelings.
    There’s a ton of reasons. Those are just a handfull. But none are exaggerations. :)

  149. Wait, If I live homeless, i get free education (maybe) I get free benefits and a free apartment. I just have to say “I’m depressed”. Because the above answers ALL have applied to me. Really. I mean that. Or – suicide!!! That’s how the US works.

  150. I personally hate the 5 day 9-5 system that is currently looming in front of me though I have so far been unemployed (but not through lack of trying) – my problem is not with working but at how long you are forced to work and for how many days. When I was at school I was able to go home at half past three. Sure I had homework and later on revision and exams but I didn’t mind because I didn’t feel as though I was losing too much time. Then there was college. I only needed to go in about three days a week. The rest of the time I worked at home and relaxed. I could pick and choose my own hours. I could decide what I did when – break things up with housework or relaxation. Though I didn’t live at university as I couldn’t afford it, I commuted by train which generally took an hour and I didn’t have to go in every day – the first year four days, the other two years only three. Then there was the occasional bonus day off if something went wrong with the train.

    I’m also hating the fact that in the future I’m going to have to wait a week to collect an item of dry cleaning or post a letter/birthday card because post offices and dry cleaners stupidly shut around half past 5 in the weekdays and stubbornly stay shut on Sundays. It’s insane and quite frankly I cannot wait to retire even if it does mean growing old. The only reason I’m not looking for self employment is because I can’t be bothered to organize things that could be organized by a boss – it’s not secure enough. However, I have found some ways round this problem;

    1. Power of the imagination – I have done some work experience over the years and still am. Whenever I am given a task like copying and pasting things between computer files, sorting out files etc., I stubbornly remember word for word a TV show I enjoy, songs/music I like, even longer films while doing this supposedly boring, mundane task – you can only do this if you have a retentive memory or a powerful imagination and only with tasks that do not require an enormous amount of concentration but those who hate working will find it hilarious that they are getting paid to remember stuff they enjoy watching/listening to while their body sits at the desk typing or sorting or copying.

    2. Schedule a doctor/dentist appointment in the morning and arrange to go into work straight after. That way you can be sure of getting an hour off work twice a year. :)

    3. I haven’t tried this yet but if a person who hates working is given a task that requires concentration, there is a possible remedy. Simply pick one of your favourite characters from a book/film and imagine you are him/her while doing the task – i.e. I am temporarily Gandalf while I get this particular task done. :)

    I know that you still lose eight/nine hours in a day but remember that if one keeps busy time goes fast and the evenings/weekends/holiday/retirement come more quickly. During two holidays I didn’t like I decided to try and cooperate with family members just to get rid of time so I could gallop off home sooner and it worked.

  151. I am disablied and this one blogger explains how i feel.Recently, there has been a lot of talk about service dogs – particularly, fake service dogs. Some of you may have seen the articles and news reports, awful stories of people who pretend to be disabled in order to take their dogs into stores and restaurants. If the media is right, it’s practically an epidemic.

    With that said, I guess it’s not surprising that I get accused of “faking” my disability pretty often. I’ve been yelled at my strangers, I’ve had business owners question my need for a guide dog, I’ve been told over and over again that I “don’t look blind.” This happened even before I got a guide dog. People saw me with my cane and because I didn’t seem disabled by their standards, it was assumed that I must be lying, trying to cheat the system in order to get perks.

    It’s not just me these accusations fall upon. I’ve seen it happen to others. I’ve heard people comment on how someone parked in a handicapped spot was “an awful person” because “they can clearly walk.” But never did those people consider the unseen – things that might cause pain or difficulty walking or other reasons a closer parking spot would be needed. I know people who need handicapped parking and regularly receive hateful notes on their car for using it. Then there are people who gossip to me about so-and-so who isn’t really disabled like I am, and don’t i just hate when people take advantage of the system like that?

    I’ve been baffled by this for most of my life. Why would anyone fake a disability for a few small perks? And why would it be such a threat to abled people, who always seem so outraged by it? More outraged, sometimes, than actual disabled people.

    I have some answers to both questions, but they’re just guesses, really. I can’t really imagine either side. I can’t imagine faking a disability just for the small benefits liking parking closer or taking a dog to restaurants, and I can’t imagine being so angry about it, either. I’m not angry about people getting those benefits. The only thing I’m angry about is how it indirectly affects me: more people assuming I’m faking my real disability.

    But I’m getting off topic.

    The notion of people faking disabilities is not at all new or novel. In fact, it’s been a trope in fiction for a while. In TV, movies, books, etc, it’s not at all uncommon to come across a villian who pretends to have a disability for one reason or another. And, like many, many disability tropes, it’s a harmful one.

    I see the “fake disability” trope as potentially harmful. It can bring suspicion on people with real disabilities. If so many pieces of fiction present a world in which people faking disabilities is common, then why wouldn’t consumers of that fiction start to suspect this behavior in reality? Especially when those same pieces of fiction only portray the extreme versions of real disabilities (complete blindness vs. legal blindness, etc).

    Obviously not everyone who consumes fiction assumes these realities. But when these stereotypes are portrayed so often, it’s hard for me to believe that it doesn’t have some impact.

    I understand that faking disabilities isn’t just a fictional thing – it does happen in reality. But does it happen as often as fiction portrays? Or as often as the news portrays? I don’t know, but I like to think not. And I’d rather the attention be on people with real disabilities than people faking them.

    But what about you? How do you feel about the “fake disability” narrative? Do you think it’s harmful? Do you think it’s as common in reality as the media portrays it to be? I’d really like your thoughts because this is an issue that i’ms still struggling with. So let’s discuss!

  152. I think that Most people in todays society would work if there was a machine that collected the data of all of the citizens. Then it would use that data to place each individual in a job that is close to their home, and the jobs would be jobs that each individual wants to do. This machine would assign a job to every member of society.

    Some people don’t want to work because the job that they are great at doing is too far away, so they don’t like the commute to work.

  153. By far the laziest people are the heirs and heiresses, who have never worked a day in their lives and have everything handed to them. I include the “old money” families, such as Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. and the European royalty and “nobility” in this category. Next are the Ivy league types, such as William F Buckley, then the corporate types and bankers. Next are the professional athletes, the politicians, the lawyers, military brass, and anyone else who is too lazy to empty their own trashcan. Politicians do absolutely nothing of any value or any benefit to anyone except themselves, and they get paid out of everyone else’s taxes. Then there are the third and fourth generation welfare bums, they know of no other way of life, but they know every trick to cheat the system, and they populate like rabbits, because each additional kid equals more free money. Who is worse? None of the above contribute anything worthwhile to humanity. To me a worthless scumbag is a worthless scumbag, regardless of whether they wear a suit or a sideways ballcap and saggy pants. Most suit & tie yuppies aren’t worthy to tie the janitor’s shoe. Most folks who actually work for a living are looked down upon as somehow less-than by the lazy college-boy pricks who depend upon them for survival. Let me see Joe Yupp-yupp change his own tire in his fancy white shirt and tie. Let me see him cut his own grass, clean his own toilet, butcher his own bacon, grow his own potatoes, bake his own bread… Let me see the property owner and his office-staff of yes-men come out on the jobsite and operate the equipment I operate. They can’t do it, they are incapable. If every hardworking American went on strike for a week, we could shut this economy down and force the politicians to do what we tell them to. Think about it. We could also shut down the federal reserve bank, the greedy oil companies, and the entire military-industrial complex. All it takes is for everyone who actually works for a living to stop for a week and let all the lazy bums fend for themselves. And stop paying taxes. If we all stopped paying taxes the government would be like chickens with their heads chopped off.

  154. Something that most people will never understand is that the government and society doesn’t owe you a damn thing. We work for the rich and in turn they give us money to live, if you have to get a job, it means you weren’t born lucky. GET OVER IT. I started out making 10 bucks an hour and working for 12 hours a day doing security. I wanted more money and a better life but I didn’t have the grades for uni so instead I went to community college. Best decision of my life, I took different courses, built up experience in my industry and now I’m pulling 30 to 50 bucks an hour, overseas and I only have to work 25 hours per week. I have my own apartment, a beautiful wife and entertainment center, nice computers, furniture…everything paid for with 0 debt.

    Most of you people are just lazy and think you are somehow entitled to other people’s money. Wait till China comes to takeover 90% of the business in the world and you’ll quickly see all the welfare and medicaid systems eliminated entirely. They don’t give a single fvck about you. My wife grew up making 0.25/hour in abject poverty and yet she managed to get a degree, a decent job and marry me. What’s your excuse?

  155. If we all MUST work, tell me why they don’t LET US when we do finally find that job WE CAN DO? I’ve been there! Don’t anybody tell me that I don’t want to work and I’m lazy because I’ve been unemployed the past five years! Truth is: I was let go from my last job because I chose to take care of my health while still doing my job, so that quite possibly I could live to see my retirement/social security? From years of experience in the workplace I can tell you that it irritates the hell out of people when you feel good, healthy, and comfortable while earning that damn $. Don’t ask me why! Maybe others feel they can’t enjoy their jobs? Well, that’s THEIR problem, they have no right becoming envious of those who CAN and causing them to lose their job as punishment! Try getting work when you’ve got some badmouthing past employer sticking to you like a thorn in your thigh every time you must put down references or else how else would you get the job if you couldn’t show any experience? Pushy people dying for me to work have actually told me to ‘leave off the last job(s)’ which I’m getting negative references from and probably not get the job and if I do, settle for less pay because I look inexperienced? Why should I take a drop in pay because of some unfair lies being told about me on those references? I was barely making ends meet when I earned that salary, it’s a losing battle if I try to accept less pay now that I have more living expenses! Anyone see my point, and why I’ve chosen to idle five years now? I seriously don’t know what the fk to do! Fussy employers who turn down one job application after the next is what leads to gaps in your employment which is another point off your chances of getting a job! They prefer only people who constantly work! If people weren’t so picky about who they hire and gave more people a chance maybe there’d be less people out of work? Those who are out of work and manage to live each day are most likely doing work in their personal life just to survive, like WALKING in all kinds of weather to the food store or hand washing clothes in a BUCKET… just to name a few of the more strenuous tasks those in poverty take on every day of their non-‘working’ lives. So we’re anything but lazy just because we aren’t keeping some wealthy business owner rich, constantly!

    Do I feel that society owes me anything? Certainly not! But it would only seem logical that I be paid enough to live on, if I do finally get hired for a job I can do… and nobody tries to screw me out of it! These are the facts coming from a very experienced-with-the-working-world-b.s. middle-aged woman who also feels the retirement age should be changed to 50!

  156. The logic here is that we all need shelter and food to survive. Nothing more. If we could all just spend our money on those things then we would have more time. But… we want cures for diseases, and more efficient machines…. really only because we are all afraid of death.

  157. Where I live they won’t hire a person for a decent job unless they are from a different state or different country. How stupid is that? I wish I never had to live in this stupid narrow-minded town!

  158. in response to the post from the women who has been unemployed five years because of “lies in the workplace”. I feel your pain and your post is driping with rage, frustration and resentment. I have been where you are. I am a medical professional who was a co-owner of a lucrative medical practice. The other owner was my husband, a physician. When the marriage began to go South, he obtained a restraining order to keep me from the business (He was in fear for his life. OMG I am 5 foot five and 125pounds and have never been in a physicial altercation) Anyway, he proceeded destroy my reputation publicly through a false accusation that lead to an arrest for 12 felony charges, With all of the publicity, I could not even get a job at the local “Hot Spot” I tried. It did not seem to matter that the charges where later dropped. I spent every penny of my retirement and my child’s college fund just to stay afloat. I cleaned houses, and danced on a poll because I could not get public assistance because I owned a piece of shit car worth maybe 4,000. I did get food stamps in the amount of 500 per month for a family of three. I saved every application and CV I sent, I logged every job I applied for, interviewed for ect. Over a period of 19 months, I applied for 264 jobs, interviewed for eight positions (of which i was qualified), was hired four times but fired before my start date at every job because of the accusations. After ninteen months, a freind encouraged her employer to hire me. I have now been employeed four months, I have not missed late or been late. During the nineteen months of my unemployment I was treated like a loser by society and NO-ONE would hire me. Of the 264 jobs I applied for, 89 of them where minimum wage jobs in my local area. So, I just want to say to the lady unemployed so long> Im sorry, keep the faith and this season of your life will pass!! To everyone else: Do not beleive everything you read, and a potential employee is so much more than what is on the appliction, resume, or CV-Take a chance, forego the standard interview questions and really try to get to know each candidate not just their background check.

  159. I have a child that does not work . It’s the hardest thing not giving money. It’s killing me.

  160. Very true.

  161. OMG…I agree 100 percent. The ones that don’t agree are probably “living off the government” as well. I do completely understand that anyone at any given time can find themselves in a compromising situation and may need a “helping hand” until they get a job but I don’t understand young, healthy, able body individuals that avoid work and live off of others that get out there and work our butts off every day of our lives.

  162. I met a guy once who claimed to be “good slave stock”. Many humans have been bread over many centuries to be workers. In the industrial rev. Children worked seven days a week here in the U.S.

    In my opinion we all have a right to food and shelter if we work a job or not. This is the pro life debate. If you get pregnant you must have the baby. If you are born you must have a job. We live in a modern world with many options. Living off the dole is one of them. 100 years ago many people died from tooth infections and child birth, antibiotics save lives. US benefits save lives just like drugs. Back in the day slaves were lynched now we can choose to live and maybe see a better day. Hitler was popular in Europe when in power. The U.S. Govt. believs in keeping all slaves(us) alive no mater what color, background or work ethic. You need more people to grow economy. Hitler eradicating races and classes of people would be what many who get offended by jobless people would want. Just set up gas chambers and kill all the unemployed.

    Many rich people are very scared of robot labor. How will rich people make money from population decrease and very cheap/free labor? Check out Detroit could be a canary for the whole country. Factories were modernized to need a fraction of human labor. 

    There are villages all over the world with family owned businesses and farms and the quality of life is good. I feel we will need to mass produce community in the U.S. at some point / again. Cheers

  163. It’s because they think they are entitled to live of tax payers money all their life because they are too lazy to apply or get a job. They want everything for free. They don’t feel guilty about the people who work hard, who’s money they live off. They give job searchers and those who want to work a bad name.

  164. These said homeless people should never be given money. For example, there are homeless shelters throughout cities where they can sleep. These shelters have soup kitchens where they can get food. Due to government aids they can slowly move out of the shelter and move into a decent apartment and still get some work at some fast food restaurant or other place. After saving some they can move into a better apartment or spend their money on community college tuition. After getting their degrees they can have a better lifestyle. I know several people who have done just this and have gone from being homeless to living comfortably. Instead, if we just give the homeless money, they will get a meal a day and that is it. We are not doing them a favor and are actually inhibiting their well-being. And those who live in shelters can and often do work while they live there.

  165. they are just lazy moochers. Good article.

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