People Who Back Into Parking Spaces

Have you ever been driving through a parking lot and had to wait while someone backed into their parking spot?  Instead of turning directly into their space, they make several maneuvers, swinging their vehicle into “just” the right position while others are waiting. I’ve noticed that people with trucks and other large vehicles are more likely to do this–usually men.  I wonder why?  Here are some of my thoughts–you may have more.

  •  Maybe these people are on the run from the law.
  •  Maybe these people are employees who want to get out of the parking lot quickly.
  • Maybe these people are law enforcement agents.
  • Maybe these people are mentally challenged and need extra help.
  • Maybe these people just want to be different from everyone else.
  • Maybe these people are wondering why everyone doesn’t park this way. 
  • Maybe these people have poor self-esteem and it makes them feel more important.
  • Maybe these people are from France.

18 Responses

  1. I’m a backer, strictly out of convenience. Conformity and my own lack of identity don’t play into it (I hope not)

  2. They are communists. Anyone who is afraid to show the world their bumper stickers are communists.

    Backing in is for weirdos.

  3. Hi,
    Everything in Life is somewhere else, and you can get there in a car.

  4. Or maybe it’s because ultimately it is safer backing into a space, which can and should be accomplished in one fluid maneuver, than backing out, where traffic and pedestrians can be passing through in all directions. More accidents occur when vehicles back out than in. And it does make for a quicker get-away.

    Then again, I feel the bar is set to low for obtaining a license in the first place. We could lower traffic congestion, insurance rates, and fuel consumption by making the tests a bit more challenging. All drivers should, at minimum, be able to double-clutch and drive figure-eights backwards with a trailer before they’re allowed on the roads.

  5. Maybe they are Greek.

  6. I used to work a as a shuttle driver for a year for a hotel. I would always park backwards to avoid slowing valet traffic as I pull out, and to decrease the guest’s wait time. Other than that, it is much safer when you can see approaching cars with your eyes, rather than through the mirrors.
    There are many reasons I do this, but ultimately, the one that prevails above all others is that it is more time saving to back in and pull out. It takes an average of 5-10 extra seconds to back into a spot than to pull in normally. It is MUCH faster and safer to pull out frontwise than to back out, check that you don’t have a car in your blind spots, check that you dont scratch the car next to you as youre turning around, etc..

  7. I always reverse park. Reason for this is that it gives you much more ability to manoeuvre – I find it way easier. Last time I drove “straight in” I scraped and dented the side of my car on a parking pillar and I have no idea how my calculations could have wronged me so spitefully… clearly the method doesn’t work for me, for whatever reason. With reversing at least I can see all around my car via the mirrors and can perfectly calculate/see distances.
    And yes I do wonder why most people don’t park like me…

  8. People who back in are on the lam — they’re running from the cops. This gives them a faster getaway opportunity. It’s always men in pickups, too — you’re so right. And the bigger the pickup, the more likely the man will back in.

    Maybe it’s because guys who drive big pickups have low self-esteem, now that I think about it. Most of the comments above are attempts at justifying the behavior, but you’ll note that they all have to do with avoiding accidents or running people over.

    Isn’t that WHY you buy a big pickup truck in the first place?

    It must be about the law. “Don’t draw any attention to myself by hitting a pedestrian.” While in fact, you’re creating a WHOLE LOT of attention because you’re doing something that nobody else on the planet does!


  9. No. These people are from Baltimore!


  11. Here’s my thoughts…because i see it all the time in my apt complex.I’ll always drive straight in..the spots are quite wide.1;Its a guy thing…makes them look cool ,hip ,gangsta,thuggish.2:makes for a quick getaway.3:In North Carolina…you only have to have a plate in the back…so backing in hides your plate if its illegal or if your running from the law…thus quick getaway

  12. Where I work we ALL do it. When you arrive at work, you have a little time to waste before punching in. So, you spend the needed few seconds you waste anyways so at the end of the day, you get the quicker getaway. Women do it too! At malls, I usually pull-through park to avoid using Reverse in the first place. At a mall, when you back out, you risk hitting the toddler and nobody wants to hit a kid, fugitive or not. Do you want YOUR kid hit by a car? I bet not.

  13. Obvious troll is obvious.

  14. lemme explain why a lot of trucks/other large vehicles back in rather than out.

    When backing out, especially with a larger vehicle (1995 Chevy 3+3, 10′ bed, trailer hitch, front brush guard w/ winch) it is more difficult, as most parking spaces were designed around vehicles no longer than 20′ and no wider than 6′. Now, increase that to 8.5′ wide, and 24′ long. If I back out, I need far more space to maneuver around, and generally, I don’t have as good of visibility of obstacles as I do when pulling in. Also, since I am seated ~ 16′ forward of the rear of the truck, I cannot see any oncoming traffic while pulling out, and with a cap on back, fully painted, I can’t see out the back at all, so I don’t know if there’s any small children, or even anybody less than 6′ tall, behind the vehicle. Also, I could, potentially, depending on other’s parking ability, be trapped in the spot (unable to maneuver out) if I am backing out, whereas when backing in, if I can’t make it, I figure that out quick, and can then pull out of the spot, and keep looking.

    Another thing to consider; are they at the back of the lot, or are there any concrete tire stops i the lot? Look at a pickup truck (anything but a standard cab/short bed) and you’ll notice, while the front wheels are less than 1′ back (usually 3-6″) from the front of the vehicle, meaning the bed would be sticking out (thus, parked illegally), if you back in, you can have as much as 7′ (on my truck) from the back of the truck to where the rear wheels would hit a tire stop/curb.

    As far as people with small cars, idk, and cannot speak for that. But, with a truck, it is, sometimes, necessary to do so. Heck, I wonder why people have so much trouble parallel parking, sometimes, seeing as I’ve done it, in Philadelphia, with a truck & trailer. Just saying.

    – Jake R

  15. I don’t agree that it’s only men who back into a space, it’s women too. But, the difference is, women do NOT know how to back into a space-so why do they even try? Especially in a crowded parking garage. Why do women insist on finding a space that is surrounded by other cars (instead of one that is open and not surrounded). ? I don’t get this. I’ll be driving into a parking garage, if a woman is driving in front of me, there can be a dozen spaces that are free, She will ALWAYS pick one that a/has hardly any space between cars in which to park, b/ is ALWAYS not a full parking space. It then will take her several ill-fated attempts to back in, usually at least 3-4 times, and even then, that isn’t good enough. Not only can’t women back in to a parking space, they cannot drive STRAIGHT into one. This also takes them 3-4-5 tries, as they attempt to wiggle the car back and forth. Once this is done, and the car is still crooked, the makeup comes out, the hair brush, the lipstick, the this and that. Maybe 5 minutes later, they emerge from the car, and then go fishing around for whatever it is they need to take with them-the 3 handbags, 2 shopping bags, the rollaway luggage (which I assume has a laptop in it-God knows what else?)

  16. Is it illegal to back into a parking space in front of a residental building?

  17. You people are retards. It is easier to back a big truck into a parking spot because you have both side mirrors to see the cars next to you and it is easier to manuever the angle that leads you into the spot. If you try to pull a big truck into a parking spot forward, the body is so long that you need a very large area in which to turn and trucks do not have the sharp turning radius. You should stop complaining about having to wait a couple extra seconds for someone to back in because I can guarantee you it would take twice as long to pull in forward.

  18. Also, those of you who think women can’t park are silly as well. I am a woman and I drive an F-250. I park and drive the truck better than any guy in my family and apparently a lot of my neighbors in their little cars. I would love to see you ignorant xxxxards parallel park on a hill, I really would.

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